Mar 212015

Minutes of the Dorney Parish Meeting of the Council
held at the Eton Dorney Centre on Tuesday 10th March 2015 at 8 pm.

Present:- Councillors K. Harris (chaired the meeting), A. Purdie, G. Easton, Mrs L. Kittel and
R. Ormond.
In Attendance:- Mrs S Moffat (Clerk).

179. Apologies – Apologies were received from Cllr Ms A. Foxley, Cllr P. Smith, Cllr Dev Dhillon and Cllr A Dhillon.
180. Disclosure of interest in items on the agenda – None.
181. Resolved to receive and approve the minutes of the previous meeting of Council held on the 10th February 2015.
182. Clerk’s Report – (i) Clerk’s email address has now changed to and; (ii) The Manager of the Animal Sanctuary has invited parish councillors to a Community Award ceremony at the House of Lords on 21st July as it has won the BA’s Volunteer Charity of the Year Award.
183. Chairman’s Report – Cllr Harris reported that Dorney is not mentioned in the changes to the electoral ward name which is now called Burnham, Lent Rise and Taplow. SBDC’s Cllr A Dhillon did ask, on behalf of Dorney Parish Council, that ‘Dorney’ should be included in the ward name and this was recommended by SBDC. Apparently it is the discretion of the Boundary Commission to agree any recommendations and it has not done so. It was agreed to write to the Boundary Commission, with a copy to Dominic Grieve MP, to request that ‘Dorney’ is included in the ward name as every other ward has kept its name even smaller wards such ‘Lent Rise’. Also Dorney is a parish council in its own right and an Olympic venue and the name should not be lost.
184. Updates on M4J3to12 Smart Motorway Development. Brain Weavin (Project Director, Mouchel) is coming to the Annual Meeting of Electorate to report on any further developments.
185. To finalise agenda for the Annual Parish Meeting on 18th March. A late amendment has arisen to include Graham Winwright (Planning Policy Manager at SBDC) to discuss the Local Plan consultation. Cllr Ormond will organise the financial report for distribution at the meeting.
186. Resolved to enter the Best Kept Village Competition 2015 and to pay the entry fee of £15.
187. Parish Council elections on 7th May. Nomination packs can be found on:-
188. Updates on Devolved Highways Work – Resolved to sign the new contract for this work.
189. WW1 Commemorations – Updates on the pruning of trees in the War Memorial land and the purchase of commemorative stone. Cllr Mrs Kittel now has obtained some quotes for the commemorative stone and tree pruning and is seeking funding from the Heathrow Community Trust and will also ask Cllr Dev Dhillon for funding through the Beeches LAF.
190. To respond to SBDC’s consultation on a new Local Plan for South Bucks District which will guide the future development of the area until 2036. It was agreed to defer this to the next meeting after the presentation from Graham Winwright at the Annual Parish Meeting of Electorate. Cllr Mrs Kittel offered to study the consultation and prepare a draft response.
191. Electronic planning by SBDC commences on 1st April 2015. Resolved that Councillors will view planning applications electronically prior to the Council meeting. The Clerk will provide a direct link on the electronic copy of the agenda. If any councillors wish to view an A4 paper copy of a plan, they must inform the Clerk prior to the meeting.

192. Planning
(i) To note planning issues, decisions and appeals recently notified by South Bucks District Council – (as appended).
(ii) To consider and comment upon applications – (as appended).
193. Finance
Resolved to:-
a) To authorise payment of Accounts for March 2015 (as circulated).
b) To receive list of income for March 2015 (as circulated).
c) To receive recent bank statements and Chairman to sign reconciliations.
d) To receive the budget for 2014/15 (as circulated).
e) To note that £25,000 has been repaid to the PWLB and repayments have now been reduced to half yearly payments of £2,145.82.
194. Correspondence- (i) Parish TfB News February, (ii) Bi monthly Community Safety Partnership newsletter (iii) Trinity Place / Clarence Crescent Conservation Area Appraisal (Feb 2015) from RBWM; (iv) Inner Windsor Conservation Area Appraisal (Feb 2015) from RBWM; (v) Can you help south bucks district council maintain high standards of conduct amongst councillors? From SBD; (vi) Minutes of the last SBALC meeting(vii) Beeches LAF funding document . (Correspondence circulated by email prior to the meeting).
195. Resolved any complaints/comments received from residents – A local resident has complained to the River Agency about the state of the towpath along Dorney Reach (between Bray Lock and Boveney) being in a bad state of repair and dangerous for cyclists.
25 Maintenance and Highway employee/work – It was agreed that the wooden bus shelter in Court Lane should remain and the repairs to be carried out.

Date of next meeting –8pm on 14th April, 2015 at the Eton Dorney Centre.

Meeting ended 9.30 pm.

Chairman …………………………………………………… Date ………………………………….

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