Sep 092015

The meeting was “procedural” with the purpose of setting the timetable of events over the next 12 months. All documents are posted on the Planning Inspectorate website with the link here:


On the site you can sign up to be notified whenever updates are posted.

The full transcript is on the site including all documentation, so this is only the “highlights” of the meeting.

The meeting was attended by all local Borough Councils, a small number of Parish Councils, some charitable bodies and some local interest groups (Natural England, Friends of the Earth, Campaign for Better Transport, Hayes community development, RAC). Interested individuals also attended.

An important point here is that these meetings are open to anyone. They are not restricted to councillors and you don’t have to register to attend


The first 6 months are for interested parties to make representations about whichever aspects of the project that they chose to. This closes on 3rd March 2016. The Examining Authority then has 6 months to complete their report, so that must be finished by 2nd September 2016.

Other important dates are:
• 2nd October – notify the Examining Authority if anyone wants to speak at a compulsory acquisition hearing or at an open floor meeting
• 8th October – Local Impact Report to be submitted (South Bucks District Council do this in our case).

The full timetable is on the link above.

Points from the Meeting

As described above the meeting was about agreeing the actual project timetable and communication.

Everything has to be submitted in writing to the Examining Authority. Even if people wanted to change things in the meeting, they had to submit it in writing afterwoods.

The Examining Authority (Mrs Wendy Burton) works with a panel to write the final report and send the recommendation to the government.

Even if the interested parties send things in before the deadlines, the planning authority are most likely to wait until they have everything (ie the deadline has passed) and put everything on the website at once.

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