Oct 122015

48. PUBLIC PARTICIPTION – Brian Weavin explained that the J3-12 M4 Smart Motorway is now at the Planning Stage. The Rule 8 letter will soon be publicised explaining the time scale of activities for the next 6 months. The following queries were raised:-
• Cllr Smith asked if there could be clearer communications with the landowners in Dorney who are affected by this development. Mr Weavin responded that anyone concerned should write to the Project Manager who will provide links to the Planning document and every enquiry will be recorded in the Book of Reference to assist similar enquiries.
• Cllr Purdie asked what further representation could be made to contest the noise and air quality assessments. Cllr Easton supported this as he has received all the information on air quality and, although he agrees that these figures are accurate, he disagrees with the outcome as there are insufficient proposals in place to mitigate the effects of the pollution. Mr Weavin replied that the noise and air quality assessment levels are within the current rules. It should also be mentioned that there are no budgetary constraints affecting the M4SmartMotorway construction but the aim is to have the best scheme in place within the rules and regulations. However, no one has disputed the methodology of arriving at acceptable air quality and noise assessment levels, only the results, so perhaps someone should challenge the methodology? The Environment Agency (EA) should be approached if there are concerns about the methodology and it is the EA’s responsibility to ensure that the noise and air assessments remain within the permitted recommendations.
• Cllr Harris asked if an increase in sound barriers would make a difference. Mr Weavin responded that it would help as sound would travel up and over the barriers but this would consequently have an effect on air pollution.
• A query was raised as to how the actual results of the planning application will be compared to the predicted results. Mr Weavin responded that the comparison will be made after the first and fifteenth year of the opening of the SmartMotorway. Also the Highways Agency will carry out a study after 12 months and after 3 years to find out if the scheme has achieved all its objectives and the results will be published. For every £1 spent on this scheme there is an expected return on investment of £2.20.
• Cllr Purdie asked about the safety of school children during the construction work. Mr Weavin responded that all contractors must adhere to the Environmental Management Plan. There will be a continuous dialogue between the Contractor and the Local Authorities and there will be a network in place to ensure there is a designated representative from the Contractor to liaise with the local community.
Cllr Harris thanked Mr Weavin and Mr Marsh for attending and answering the concerns raised.
SBDC Report – Cllr Pepler reported that:- (i) He will advise SBDC about this meeting and the concerns raised from the M4 SmartMotorway Planning Application; (ii) A representative from Eton Wick is concerned about sewage in the stream along the boundary between Eton Wick and Dorney and wanted to contact the riparian landowners. Cllr Harris explained that the sewage in the stream was due to the Sewage Works emitting sewage and it was their responsibility to remove the polluted soil not the landowners; (iii) Cllr Pepler is unable to assist with the long term problem associated with the traffic lights at Huntercombe Lane as this is the responsibility of the Highways Authority at Bucks CC;
(iv) With the proposed expansion of Heathrow Airport, the beacon at Westland Farm will become obsolete. Cllr Harris responded that this has already been removed; (v) Cllr Foxley asked if the dangerous vegetation can be cut back along Huntercombe Lane South as mentioned at the AGM. Cllr Pepler will ask the Clerk at Burnham Parish Council to write to Bucks CC about this.
49. Apologies were received from BCC Cllr Dev Dhillon.
50. Resolved to receive and approve the minutes of the previous meeting held on the 14th July 2015.
51. Disclosure of interest in items on the agenda – None.
52. Clerk’s Report – The Clerk has just received the audit return from Mazars and the external audit is now completed with no comments raised.
53. Chairman’s Report – Cllr Harris reported that part of the wall in Village Road fell down on 28th August. Bucks CC were notified and the public footway was closed along the section of the wall that was dangerous. Bucks CC has confirmed that the wall is the responsibility of Mr Palmer. It was agreed that Dorney PC will ask Bucks CC to clear the rubble and make safe the public footpath and establish the timescale for the rebuild of the wall.
54. J3-12 M4 Smart Motorway Developments – It was agreed to write to Environmental Health to raise concerns about the air quality and noise level assessments.
55. Best Kept Village Competition – The results were noted. A vote of thanks was given to Nick Teale for his continuing work.
56. It was agreed to make representation to Bucks CC to provide free school transport for school children from Dorney Reach attending schools in Burnham if there is not a safe walking route under a 3 mile radius. It was also agreed to ask Cllr Dev Dhillon to take up this matter with the Bucks CC.
57. To consider the closure of Burnham Station for a test period of 6 months. Noted.
58. Planning
(i) To note planning issues, decisions and appeals recently notified by South Bucks District Council – Noted.
(ii)To consider and comment upon applications – (as appended).
59. Finance
a) Resolved to authorise payment of Accounts for August and September 2015.
b) Resolved to receive list of income for August and September 2015.
c) Resolved to receive recent bank statement and Chairman to sign the reconciliation.
d) Received the budget to date for 2015/16.
60. Correspondence- (i) Active Bucks – Have Your Say; (ii) SBDC – Crime Reduction Event at Burnham Beeches; (iii) Beeches Local Area Forum Transportation applications for 2016/17; (iv) Response from SBDC to SBALC explaining the reasons for not introducing Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL); (v) Beeches LAF Agenda for 16 September.
61. Member’s Reports – None.
62. Resolve any complaints/comments received from residents – (i) Dorney Court Wall – Bucks CC has confirmed that the Mr Palmer is the owner of the wall in Village Road of which a section has now fallen down. Agreed to ask Bucks CC to remove the rubble and enquire about the rebuild; (ii) Boveney Road has been resurfaced but Dorney Parish Council believes the standard of work is unsatisfactory and will query this with Bucks CC. Also there are still some potholes in the road; (iii) Trumpers Field has now been cut and baled.
63. Maintenance and Highway employee/work – Brambles need cutting back along Court Lane.

Date of next meeting – 8pm on 13th October, 2015 at the Eton Dorney Centre

Meeting ended 9.50 pm.

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