May 272016

held on Wednesday 20th April 2016
in Dorney Village Hall at 7.30pm

Present:- Mr K Harris (Chairman of the Parish Council chaired the meeting), Mr G Easton , Mr A Purdie and Mr R Ormond,
In Attendance:- Mrs S Moffat (Clerk), SBDC and Bucks Cllr D Dhillon, SBDC Cllr D Pepler, Mr Brian Weavin and 2 Managers from Mouchel (M4Smartmotorway) and 25 members of public (list appended to file copy of these minutes).

1. APOLOGIES for absence were received from:- Mrs L Kittel, Ms Foxley, Cllr P Smith and Dominic Grieve MP.

2. RESOLVED to approve and sign the minutes of the 2015 meeting held on 18th March 2015.

3. Chairman’s Reports:- Cllr Harris thanked everyone for attending and introduced the parish councillors. As there was a full agenda to cover a variety of issues he proceeded to introduce Cllr Richard Ormond, Chairman of the Finance Committee, to present his report.

4. Finance – Budget & Precept:- Cllr Ormond reported that the precept increased by 3% to offset the reduced funding from Bucks CC for Devolved Highways work. All other expenditure is in line with last year except wages which has increased by 3%. The reserves are comparatively high as only repaid 2 years of the Public Work Loan for the refurbishment work of the Village Hall and the Parish Council is still the guarantor for loan taken out by Dorney Village Hall Committee, again for the refurbishment work.

5. M4Smart Motorway – Mr Weavin reported that the design has now been completed and at the stage when the Planning Inspector has 3 months to write his report to Minister and the Minister then has 3 months to respond so the final verdict will be known in September. It will be approximately 18 monthes to 2 year before work commences. It will take 5 years to complete the work but 3 lanes will be kept running during peak hours.
The Noise Mitigation has been included in the design and the whole scheme has low noise surfacing. In February it was agreed to have enhanced noise mitigation at Dorney and increased the height of the barriers from 1.8 to 3 extending up to the bridge. The 3m barrier will not be extended beyond the bridge due to the parapets and there would be no advantage.
Mr Weavin confirmed that assurances have been given that any work requiring access via the Village Hall will not block Village Hall traffic. Regards access on Old Marsh Lane, there will be vehicular access to the temporary work site whilst the adjacent bridge work is being carried out.
All information on the M4 SmartMotorway scheme is on the web site including all correspondence which is publically available. If anyone has any difficulties accessing information Mr Weavin would be happy to send you relevant links.
Cllr Purdie mentioned the thumping of the extension joints on River Bridge, but Mr Weavin assured him that all the joints will be remade before resurfacing which should minimise this impact noise. Cannot guarantee a silent bridge but will be low impact from a design prospective. No sound barriers on bridge as the cost and effectiveness has to be taken into consideration.
Concern was raised abut the safety of Smartmotorways. Mr Weavin replied that Smartmotorways have better control over speed of traffic with cctv and results show this reduces the amount of accidents e.g M62Smartmotorway has had a 33% reduction in significant injuries. The response time for the Emergency services is 8 to 15 minutes.
6. Dorney Lake – No representative was present and there was no written report. Two questions were raised from the public:-(i) There is a lot of noise from training coaches shouting instructions to the rowers which could be avoided if headsets were used and; (ii) The possibility of having more than one car registered for a parking permit per household in Dorney?

7. TVPA – No officer was present and there was no written report. No questions were raised from the public.

8. Village Hall Update – Graham Easton reported that the new Village Hall renovations have attracted many ad hoc parties and dances. There are also regular classes and although the Children’s nursery has finished other hirers have filled most of these vacant slots. He thanked the Committee who manage the hall but there is a vacancy for a handyperson needed for about one job a month if anyone is interested. The AGM is on the 9th May. A member of the public responded that the Village Hall was a credit to the community and it was a pleasure to attend the events held there.

9. Youth Club – Andrew Purdie reported that the Youth Club have raised money for a MUGA (football kickaround area). There are also plans to sort out the pathways and to renew the safety surfacing under the wooden climbing frame.

10. Best Kept Village Competition – Nick Teale reported that this is the 8th year the Parish Council has asked him to co-ordinate activities to spruce up the parish before the judging. If anyone wants an updated map of the judging areas he would be happy to send an electronic copy. Another person is needed in the Dorney Reach area to co-ordinate activities and to look after the noticeboard. The clear-up day this year is 21st May meeting at the Village Hall.

Matters Raised
(i) A question was raised about the vacant space where the old brick wall had fallen down in Village Road. Cllr Harris said there was some dispute as it was a listed wall. Richard George reported that a Victorian steel fence will be erected in this space over the next few weeks.
(ii) There were numerous complaints about the state of the potholes in the road. Cllr Purdie has invited the Local Area Highways Technician to come and inspect the state of the roads in Dorney.

11. Bucks County Council Report – Cllr Dev Dhillon reported that:- (i) In Bucks CC’s budget for 2016/17, Social Care takes up a large proportion of the budget and only 8% is available to maintain the roads; (ii) The formation of Academies are changing the boundaries of school transport as academies can chose their own catchment area so it is raising the question who will pay for this transport. However special needs school children will always be supported; (iii) The Enforcement Officer is in the process of prosecuting Orchard Herbs for illegal activity on site; (iv) Cross Rail is coming to Taplow Station and this is causing problems with commuters parking in Taplow and also in Marsh Lane. It is cheaper for commuters to use Taplow Station rather than parking and using Maidenhead Station so this is causing more traffic on the roads around Taplow. As a result there is a meeting arranged to discuss a one way system and parking restrictions in Taplow; (v) Cllr Dev Dhillon confirmed that the full length of Marsh Lane and Common Road will be resurfaced this year and the potholes will be repaired in Boveney Road.; (vi) He has raised concern to Slough BC about the traffic light sequencing on the Bath Rd/ Huntercombe Lane causing congestion at the peak times.

Matters raised
(i) Cllr Dev dhillon was asked to raise concern about the state of Village Road and the standard of pothole repair by the contractors.
(ii) Parked cars on bend in Station Road are very dangerous and cars parked on pavements blocking access to pedestrians. Cllr Dev Dhillon said he would ask the Highways Officer how these problems can be overcome in the future.
(iii) There are more potholes in South Bucks than any other County and it is very noticeable. Also instead of yellow lines to stop commuter parking, a parking restriction for one hour during the day e.g. 11 -12, would prevent commuter parking but still allow short stay parking.
(iv) (iii)There is concern about dangerous parking in Court Lane and Marsh Lane by people visiting Dorney Lake. Cllr Harris responded that in theory it is the police who should be stopping this.
12. South Bucks District Council Report – Cllr David Peplar congratulated Dorney for the high attendance at this meeting which has a small population of about 600 compared with Burnham’s AGM where only about 20 people attended out of a population of about 13,000! The main issue in Dorney has been the Smartmotorway. The results of the noise level monitoring at Dorney School were inclusive but hopefully something will happen.
The Local Plan consultation did not show any threat to Green Belt in Dorney. The nearest land was in Burnham next to Sainsburys for industrial use. The Orchard Herb Animal Sanctuary will be moving to Eton Wick so has eventually been resolved. Lastly a Public Inquiry will be held on 5th July regards the change of use of the building at the rear of the Laurels, Lake End Road.

13. Any Other Business
(i) Joy Richardson offered to look after the noticeboard in Harcourt Road, Dorney Reach. She went on to report that there are holes in the pavement in Harcourt Road where trees have been removed causing subsidence. Also the sycamore outside her house has died and needs removing. The hedges in Dorney Reach road are overgrowing the footpath. She offered to send a list of work with exact locations.
(ii) Resident – Reported that Leanne Coaches are using the bus stop layby in Village Road for parking. Mr Teale offered to send the Clerk the address of the owner of the coach.
(iii) Mr Teale reported that for the last 6 months a driver has been fly-tipping big bags of pigswill about 5 to 6 o’clock in the morning on to the road. He has reported this to PSCO O’Connell but has had no response. It would be good if anyone sees this happening to note the registration number and report the owner.
(iv) Resident – What happened to the £100 grant from SBDC. Cllr Purdie replied that it was used by the Youth Club towards litter picking for the BKV clear up.
(v) Resident – What happened about the revamping of the WW11 War Memorial. Cllr Harris replied that Cllr Kittel applied for a grant but was unsuccessful but is still trying.

No other business being raised the meeting closed at 8.53pm

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