May 292016

Minutes of the Dorney Parish Meeting of the Council
held at the Eton Dorney Centre on Tuesday 8th March 2016 at 8 pm

Present:- Councillors K Harris (chaired the meeting), A Purdie, L Kittel and R Ormond.
In Attendance:- Cllr Dev Dhillon (Bucks CC) and Mrs S Moffat (Clerk).

144. PUBLIC PARTICIPTION –Bucks CC Report – Cllr Dev Dhillon reported that:- (i) The Animal Sanctuary will probably be not moving to Eton Wick but SBDC is still helping them to relocate; (ii) Dorney councillors reported to Cllr Dev Dhillon that there were still movements of aggregate from the Orchard Herbs Farm that was under investigation and; (iii) Cllr Dev Dhillon reported that he is hoping that Virgin’s fibre optics is coming to Dorney. It was noted that the Fibre Optic Box next to Sainsbury’s, should be serving Dorney but was too far away to be useful and should be extended nearer to Dorney
145. Apologies were received from Cllr Easton, Cllr Smith and Cllr Ms Foxley and from SBDC, Cllr Pepler.
146. Resolved to receive and approve the minutes .of the previous meeting held on the 9th February 2016.
147. Disclosure of interest in items on the agenda – None.
148. Clerk’s Report – The Clerk reported that:- (i) This is the last meeting of the Parish Council to be held at the Eton Dorney Centre. The Clerk thanked the Centre’s Manager, Liliana Illes, in setting up the meeting venue each month and; (ii) The application for Best Kept Village Competition has just been received and it was agreed that Dorney Parish Council should enter again this year.
149. Chairman’s Report – Cllr Harris had nothing to report.
150. J3-12 M4 Smart Motorway Developments – Clerk to find out about the results of the air pollution testing at the school.
151. Updates on School Transportation – Cllr Kittel reported that Safety Officer has agreed that the Marsh Road route is unsafe and now considering Lake End Road as a safe route. Bucks CC have agreed for a Safety Officer to inspect the route. If all routes prove unsafe then Bucks CC will have to provide public transport to Burnham Academy (this does not include Burnham Grammar School).
152. Resolved to respond to the Chiltern and South Bucks Local Plan by 14th March 2016 which can be found on . The Clerk will respond to reaffirm the need to keep the Conservation Area in Dorney and to ensure the Green Belt is not threatened.
153. Resolved the finalised agenda for the Annual Parish Meeting on 20th April, 2016 (As attached). Cllr Dev Dhillon will ask a Bucks CC Officer to be at the meeting regards discussions on the J3-12 M4 Smart Motorway Development and it agreed not to ask the additional Mouchel Officer from Derby to attend. David Lloyd from Eton Lake will be invited to attend and give a report.
154. LAF Review – Resolved to make no comments as Dorney Parish Council initially disagreed with the set up and the expense involved operating this forum.
155. (i) To note planning issues, decisions and appeals recently notified by South Bucks District Council – No planning applications received this month.
(ii) To consider and comment upon applications – (as circulated).
156. Finance
a) Resolved to authorise payment of Accounts for March 2016.
b) Resolved to receive list of income for March 2016.
c) Resolved to receive recent bank statement and Chairman to sign the reconciliation.
d) Received the budget to date for 2015/16.
157. Correspondence- As circulated.
158. Member’s Reports – None.
159. Resolve any complaints/comments received from residents –None.
160. Maintenance and Highway employee/work – No reports.
161. Resolved to exclude the public and the press.
Private and Confidential
162. Staffing Matters – Future staffing matters were discussed.

Date of next meeting – Council meeting at 8pm on 12th April, 2016 at the VILLAGE HALL.

Meeting ended 9.05 pm.

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