Nov 182016

70. PUBLIC PARTICIPTION – Jacqueline Austin-Lavery explained that her role as Community Links Officer for Bucks CC was to keep isolated and vulnerable adults independent and active and wanted to know if there was a need for this in Dorney. In response the Council felt there was a need, particularly for the elderly, as there is only a bus service twice a week and no longer a mobile library which did serve as a meeting place. As Dorney has a small population it would probably be preferable to link with help groups in Burnham by providing transport rather than set up new groups in Dorney. In order to identify any individuals that need this help, it was suggested that Joy Richmond may be able to help in this matter.
Giles Ellerton from BT’s Community Fibre Partnerships explained there was second round of funding by district councils in Bucks where the Government match funds the amount put forward by district to bring fibre broadband connections to those areas which do not have superfast broadband. SBDC has a deployment plan in place and by Christmas will have a list of post codes for the next phase in Bucks. Dorney is on this list for SL6 and SL4 post code area. As a rule of thumb, the distance of the copper and fibre cabinets need to be 1200m or less for properties to receive superfast broadband; if more than 1200m will get better broadband speeds but not superfast. It will take about 18 months to 2 years to complete this work. Cllrs Harris and Purdie explained the situation in Dorney that there are already 2 fibre cabinets in the parish and superfast broadband was available at the rowing lake for the 2012 Olympics but no one has been able to explain what happened to this. Mr Ellerton offered to investigate.
SBDC Report – Cllr Peplar reported that the 4 districts councils in Bucks, i.e. South Bucks, Chiltern, High Wycombe and Aylesbury Vale are commissioning a report by Deloitte on modernising local government.
SBDC and BCC Report- Cllr Dev Dhillon reported that BCC have made saving so far of £150m with a further £30m by 2018. These savings are unsustainable and BCC needs to do something. BCC have already published a report which looks at unitary authority which would reduce the number of councillors from 238 to 98 with parishes having a bigger budget and more power. BCC report has been sent to the Secretary of State.
Cllr Dhillon went on to report that the Enforcement Officer at BCC is now taking action on Orchard Herb Farm but this is a slow process as BCC’s Legal Department shares services with the London Borough Of Harrow. Regards the Animal Sanctuary, it is no longer moving to Eton Wick. SBDC could issue an Enforcement Notice but it is in the parish of Burnham and Burnham Town Council has no objection to the Animal Sanctuary operating on this site.
71. Apologies were received from Cllr A Foxley, Cllr P Smith, Cllr L Kittel and Cllr Easton.
72. Resolved to receive and approve the minutes of the previous meeting held on the 13th September 2016 after making the following amendments to Minute 53 (amendments in bold): – Sgt Nicky Upton and PCSO O’Connell were present as representatives of TVPA. Sgt Upton reported that regards the Travellers Incursion at Trumpers Field, the Police have carried out all its duties according to the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 Act and have taken into consideration the interest of all parties which include the travellers who are part of the incursion as well as the local community The Police have issued to the travellers a Code of Conduct and a duty of safeguarding. In order to enforce Section 61 when 2 or more people have trespassed on the land, there must be criminal damage to the property and the interpretation of the police is that there has been no criminal damage (the concrete block which was moved to gain entry was not damaged and the vehicles drive on a previously used grass track). Also there has been no threatening behaviour and the travellers behave within the terms of the Code of Conduct (all rubbish is placed in black bags). Every day the Police visit the site to make sure the conditions are not broken. The landowner, South Bucks District Council, have asked the travellers to move voluntarily via the Traveller Liaison Officer, as this has not happened SBDC need to seek an eviction order from the Court.
Mr Tyler pointed out that Trumpers Field was protected by a gate and the chain was broken and the second gate was also forced open during a previous incursion. PCSO O’Connell responded that no one actually saw who damaged the gate so the Police were unable to prosecute.
At this juncture, 3 members of the Travellers Incursion joined the meeting at the invitation of Sgt Upton, with the apparent aim that this might help matters if there was a better understanding between the local community and the travellers. Mr Tyler went on to say there are 103 varieties of wildflowers on this site including a rare orchid and the habitat has now been damaged and have unable to cut and bail this year. Sgt Upton commiserated and said such problems continue when the travellers move on to the next site. A representative from the Travellers informed the meeting, in a rather unpleasant and threatening manner, that they would be moving on to a site nearby if possible if evicted from Trumpers Field.
Cllr Smith asked about the possibility of the police escorting the travellers out of the area when they move on? Sgt Upton responded that if the resources were available when the move takes place the Police would probably follow so that they would be informed of their movements. The travellers then became more aggressive and Sergeant Upton intervened to ask them to leave the meeting. Neither the Clerk nor the Council were aware that the Police had extended an invitation to the travellers to attend this Parish Council meeting.
73. Disclosure of interest in items on the agenda – None.
74. Clerks Report – None.
75. Chairman’s Report – Cllr Harris reported that he had met with the police about the travellers’ incursion. The police explained that as Trumpers field is classed as secondary land and not primary land they were unable to issue a Section 61 and the police adhered to the rules of engagement as set out by Thames Valley Police Authority. Although the locks on the gate had been cut it was difficult to prove which person had done this without a witness. The height barriers and concrete block is now in place and thee is a restricted access to the field through the car park.
76. Resolved in response to Dorney Village. Org. that Cllr Smith will be the Parish Council representative on the Dorney Village Working Party. It was recalled that in the past there had been issues with implementing speeding enforcement. The Clerk will investigate. It was also agreed to repair the MVAS sign which has broken and to allow the Dorney Village Group to download the data recorded on this if required.
77. Resolved to adopt the Telephone Box outside the Old Post Office as offered by BT for a £1.00 and keep it for a book library, similar to the one adopted in Harcourt Rd. Also it was agreed to pay for the materials for a volunteer to paint the telephone box in Harcourt Road.
78. Lavender Triangle – Matter now closed.
79. SBDC’s consultation on Community Infrastructure Levy – Dorney Parish Council agreed that it would welcome the potential benefit from CIL funding if it was introduced by the District Council
80. Planning
(i) To note planning issues, decisions and appeals recently notified by South Bucks District Council – (as appended).
(ii) Plans were considered and comment made – (as appended).
81. Finance
(a) Resolved to authorise payment of Accounts for October 2016 (as circulated). ​
(b) Resolved to receive list of income for October 2016 (as circulated).
(c) Resolved to receive recent bank statements and Chairman to sign reconciliations
(d) To receive the budget for 2016/17.
82. Correspondence (i) The opportunity to visit the new Greatmoor Energy from Waste facility;
(ii) BCC representative will be attending our council meeting on 8th November to discuss the Business Plan for Unitary Authority so if you do have any questions please let me know in advance. Just for the record the 4 district councils have joined together to commission their own business plan but this has not been published yet.

83. Resolve any complaints/comments received from residents: None.

84. Maintenance and Highway employee/work – Nothing to report.

Date of next meeting – 7pm FINANCE MEETING, followed at 8pm by the Council Meeting on 8th November, 2016 at Dorney Village Hall.

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