Jul 042017

Minutes of the Annual Dorney Parish Meeting of the Council

held at the  Dorney Village Hall on Tuesday 9th May 2017 at 8 pm


Present:- Councillors K Harris (chaired the meeting),  G. Easton, A Foxley, P Smith and R Ormond.

In Attendance:-   Mrs S Moffat (Clerk) and SBD Cllr David Pepler.


  1. At the proposition of Cllr R Ormond, seconded by Cllr A Foxley, it was agreed to elect Cllr Harris as Chairman for the ensuing year.
  2. Declaration of Acceptance was made by the newly-elected Chairman.
  3. PUBLIC PARTICIPTION – SBDC Report – Cllr Pepler reported that:- (i) He has just been at the AGM of SBDC and Cllr Duncan Smith has been voted in as Chairman for a second year of office; (ii) There have been discussions about changing to unitary authorities but no further progress from the Secretary of State; (iii) SBDC is carrying out a consultation on Public Spaces Protection Order and; (iv) No more news on the Animal Sanctuary and no further updates on the site next door at Orchard Herbs but he noted that the heaps of waste seem to be getting bigger..
  4. Apologies were received from Cllr L Kittel, Cllr A Purdie and Bucks CC Cllr Dev Dhillon ,
  5. Resolved to receive and approve the minutes of the previous meeting held on the 11th April 2017.
  6. Disclosure of interest in items on the agenda – None.
  7. At the proposition of Cllr Harris, seconded by Cllr Smith, it was agreed to elect Cllr Purdie as Vice- Chairman for the ensuing year.
  8. Resolved to fix the amount of the Chairman’s allowance in pursuance of section 15(5) of the Local Government Act 1972 at the budgeted amount of £150.
  9. Finance CommitteeResolved that all councillors are members of the Finance Committee. At the proposition of Cllr Harris, seconded by Cllr Easton, Cllr Ormond was elected Chairman of the Finance Committee.
  10. To appoint representatives on the under mentioned bodies:-

(a) SBALC – Resolved to appoint Cllr Foxley and Cllr Purdie.

(b) BALC – Resolved to appoint Cllr Easton.

  1. Resolved to fix the dates and times of meetings of the Council for the ensuing year – to be at 8pm on 2nd Tuesday of every month at the Dorney Village Hall and no meeting in August. The Finance Meeting to set budget and precept and review internal audit plan and risk assessments, will be held before the Council meeting on 14th November, 2017 at Dorney Village Hall.
  2. Clerk’s Report – No reports.
  3. Chairman’s Report – Cllr Harris was pleased to report that Cllr Dev Dhillon has been elected again as the County Councillor for Dorney.
  4. Any updates for the proposal of having a defibrillator in the telephone box outside the Old Post Office once adopted by Dorney Parish Council – The Clerk confirmed that the defibrillator is insured up to £5000 whether it is locked or unlocked. Cllr Foxley is in the process of seeking grant funding. She explained that the Ambulance Service will only give a the code to use the nearest defibrillator within a 500m radius in this area and Dorney Reach would be outside this radius.
  5. To consider any future changes to the judging area of the Best Kept Village competition – Dorney Parish Council thanked Nick Teale for meeting Mr Pushman (the organiser of BKV) and noted the comments Mr Pushman made. However, it was unanimously agreed that this year and in the future, the whole of  the parish of Dorney will be entered and not just that part which is considered ‘pretty’. Dorney Village Hall area, although not classed as  ‘pretty’ in the comments made, is an area where a lot of community involvement is carried out as reflected in the play area which has been purchased and maintained by  local volunteers and Dorney Village Hall and its surrounds which is managed by local volunteers. These factors should be taken into consideration by the judges. However Dorney PCdid take onboard the comment about the names in the War Memorial being faint, and will organise for the names on the stone to be repainted. Nick Teale has pointed out that he is moving away from Dorney soon and although he is willing to organise the Village clean up this year, a replacement is needed for the future. Cllr Smith offered to be look after Boveney area.
  6. Any updates on Dorney Traffic Working Party – The revised parking permits for local residents at Eton Dorney Lake car park were noted. Cllr Ormond suggested that one solution to reduce speeding may be to have a ‘Driver feedback sign’ (i.e. a sign that flashes up the speed of the vehicle) rather than a 30mph warning sign. The Clerk will find out the cost of this. It was also agreed to accept the offer from Cllr Dev Dhillon to invite an Officer from Bucks CC to a meeting at Dorney, together with the DTWP, to receive professional advice on the matter. It was  noted that DTWP’s petition is being presented to LAF on 7th June, 2017.
  7. To consider any changes to Tennis Club Lease now that Management of the tennis court is being transferred to Playground4Dorney Committee. It was agreed that the Lease does now need changing and items2:5, 2:7 and 4:2a need removing from the lease. Cllr Smith offered to examine the lease and report back to the next Council meeting.
  8. Planning

(i) To note planning issues, decisions and appeals recently notified by South Bucks District Council – (as appended).

(ii)To consider and comment upon applications – (as appended).

  1. Finance
  • It was agreed to accept the 3 year insurance quote with Inspire which is the lowest of 3 quotes provided by Came and Company Insurance Broker. Inspire also offers the services of rradar online.

(b) Resolved to authorise payment of Accounts for May 2017  (as circulated).

  1. c) List of income for May 2017 not yet available as the monthly bank statement had not been received.
  2. d) The Chairman was unable to sign the reconciliation of the monthly bank statement as it had not been received.
  3. e) To receive the draft budget for May 2017 in the absence of the bank statement not being available.
  4. Member’s Reports – SBALC – No one was able to attend the last meeting but Cllr Foxley’s report she had submitted was noted.
  5. Correspondence (i) SBALC Minutes of 20th April 2017; (ii) Road Side Tree Inspection – It was agreed to carry out an inspection of the road side trees at the War Memorial, (iii) SBALC Report on Iver PC’s response to the consultation of Third Run Way at Heathrow – It was delegated to Cllr Foxley to send a response on behalf of Dorney PC.
  6. Resolve any complaints/comments received from residents: None
  7. Highway employee/work – All going well and the village is looking good. It was noted that as the ‘Teale family’ are moving out of the Village, a replacement for Mrs Teale is needed who has kept the Village Road noticeboard updated for many year. It was suggested that Chris Vine may be willing to do this. Dorney PC thanked Mrs Teale for all her work over the years, it was much appreciated.



Date of next meeting – 8pm on 13th June, 2017 at  Dorney Village Hall.



Meeting ended 9.10 pm.

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