Oct 102017

held on Wednesday19th April 2017
in Dorney Village Hall at 7.30pm

Present: – Mr K Harris (Chairman of the Parish Council chaired the meeting), Mr G Easton, Mr A Purdie, Mrs L Kittel, Ms Foxley, Cllr P Smith and Mr R Ormond,
In Attendance:- Mrs S Moffat (Clerk), SBDC and Bucks Cllr D Dhillon, SBDC Cllr D Pepler, Mr David Pilsworth (CH2M Arcadis Joint Venture, Smart Motorways Programmed ,Working on behalf of Highways England) and Mr Mutt(Balfour Beatty), Jane Darley (BT), Sgt Mutch, PCSO Angie O’Connell and 26 members of public (list appended to file copy of these minutes).

1. APOLOGIES for absence were received from: – Jill Dax and Jill Palmer.

2. Introduction by Cllr Harris
Cllr Harris thanked everyone for attending and introduced the parish councillors. Cllr Smith looks after planning matters, Cllr Easton takes care of the Village Hall, Environmental issues including the M4 Smartmotorway, Cllr Kittel looks after the Youth Club, Playground and fund raiser and this year raised over £45,000 for the new football area. Cllr Purdie is the Vice-Chairman and also helps to look after the playground. Cllr Ormond is Chairman of the Finance Committee, Cllr Foxley looks afar the web site and represents the Council on outside meetings and forums. Sue Moffat is our professional Clerk for Dorney and also Gerrards Cross and John Farrell is our dedicated maintenance man.

3. RESOLVED to approve and sign the minutes of the 2016 meeting held on 20th April 2016.

4. Chairman’s Reports:- Cllr Harris reported:-
(i) There have been 3 illegal traveller’s incursions this year; one on Dorney Common and 2 others on Trumpers Field. Cllr Harris met with the Police, SBDC and the Bucks CC’s Travellers Liaison Officer and the fact that Trumpers Field is classified as ‘secondary land’ means the Police cannot remove them. So prevention is the best method to stop this re-occurring and we have had height restrictions, concrete blocks and soil bunds installed at Trumpers Field and Dorney Common has been re-ditched.
(ii) Eton By-Pass – Eton has put in their Village Plan a by-pass which would bypass the College onto a new road which would take vehicles to a roundabout at the Relief Road. This would have a devastating effect on Dorney making it a rat run and Dorney PC have written to Eton Town Council to object.
(iii) Defibrillator – This is planned and being fundraised to be installed in the Old Phone Box in Dorney Village. The cost is approximately £1700. Cllr Foxley is in charge of the fundraising and so far £600 has been raised ( £300 from Dorney Commoners and about £300 for sponsoring Sue Moffat in her North London Half marathon) and will be looking for the remainder from Lottery funding
(iv) Dorney Traffic Working Party (DTWP) – The Chairman was made aware of concerns about speeding in Dorney and had an informal meeting to discuss this with Bill Dax. Dorney Parish Council has had past experience with traffic calming measures e.g. (a) Public Enquiry for the Rowing Lake when money was allocated to the Parish Council and 3 schemes were presented to residents; (b) When the Flood Relief Scheme was constructed and traffic calming schemes were introduced but later removed when a Safety Audit was carried out and; (c) Discussions with Eton College and LOCOG and Bucks CC during the planning of the Olympics resulting in a roundabout at Village Road/Court Lane; (d) Traffic calming discussed with the late Peregrine Palmer.
Hence the DPC can offer a lot of advice on different schemes and the problems associated with each scheme.
In order to assist the next round of traffic calming considerations, Bill Dax from the DTWP was co-opted on to the Council as a non-voting member to advise on traffic calming. DPC advised and helped Mr Dax where he could collect traffic data. This resulted in the DTWP producing a 32 page document and DPC was asked to approve this. Dorney PC was unable to do this as believed the data was inaccurate and not factual. Sadly, Mr Dax did not comprehend the reasons why DPC could not support this document and resigned from Dorney PC. Moving on, Dorney PC, of course, supports any safety ideas and is happy to put forward any future consultation with Bucks CC and residents as long as it complies with the law and is factual. The enthusiasm of DTWP is fantastic and it would be good if we could work together. Dorney PC has asked Bucks CC to send a representative to a Dorney PC’s Council meeting to explain what is allowed and the costs involved in order to propose realistic schemes for consultation with the residents
(v) Next Door and Social Media – Dorney PC have agreed to use the PC’s web site as the official means of communication with the public which is kindly looked after by Cllr Foxley. We have decided not to use the Next Door website as a safeguarding measure as this web site is open to all to access and users post comments on it which are not just restricted to residents of Dorney.
(vi) Youth – A slight change in topic but Cllr Harris wished to promote young people joining the Dorney PC and becoming involved with the decision making process that affects life in Dorney. Cllr Harris has been a parish councillor for 20 to 25 years and would love to see more young people becoming involved.

5. Finance – Budget & Precept:- Cllr Ormond, the Chairman of the Finance Committee, presented the budget for 2017-18 and reported that the expectation last year was that we had set a Budget which showed expenditure exceeding income by just over £200. However expenditure was lower than budgeted for and Dorney PC managed to save money in most areas of expenditure which meant we actually ended the year with a surplus of nearly £400. This will grow to £1,000 as the second payment from the Village Hall towards the maintenance charge was received but not banked before year end on the 31st March 2017.
Dorney PC set an increase of 3% to this years “precept” to offset the reduced allowance we now receive from the devolved highways with all other expenditure either in line with last year or previous years, with the exception of labour costs, giving us an overall break even position
We are now three years into a twenty year loan taken with the Public Works Loan Board to fund the refurbishment of the Village Hall and we stand guarantor to the village hall for their loan which they took as part of the same refurbishment.
5. M4Smart Motorway – Mr Pilsworth reported that himself and Mr Mutt both work on behalf of Highways England. Since the last AGM, the Development Consent Order was agreed on 2nd September discharging 26 requirements before the main work can start. Some advanced survey work has started involving boreholes along the 32 mile stretch as information is needed for the Geo-Technical Design Team. This includes a small bore hole in Trumpers Field (4x4m) via accessing the entrance to the Village Hall and should take 2 weeks to complete.
Subject to complete planning approval the main work on the Smartmotorway will commence in November/December. Mr Pilsworth is happy to provide his email contact details for any further queries.

6. Superfast Broadband – Jane Darley from Community Fibre Partnership gave a presentation as attached. A number of questions were raised which Jane responded to at a later date but included in this report for public information:
(i) When Lake End has a new cabinet will the residents of Dorney benefit? The answer is no. The Dorney residents will stay on the current cabinet until they get their own cabinet.
(ii) (ii) Can the Fibre laid for the Olympics be re-used as was promised by LOGOG.Dorney Reach will be upgraded in Q1 2018/19. Prior to the work commencing a survey will be carried out this will determine whether the fibre can be re-used. As advised at the meeting it will be dependent on whether there are appropriate junctions.

7. Dorney Lake – Ivor Lloyd has left Eton Rowing Lake and there is now a new manager.
Mrs Richmonds reported that traffic concerning the Rowing Lake still causes problems particularly due to cars parked outside on Court Lane. PCSO O’Connell responded that Dorney does not want any more double yellow lines but the College is extending its free parking permit to include more than one car per resident. Sgt Mutch added that if there are no double yellow lines then there is no means of enforcement of cars parking on the road unless cars are obstructing the pavement. Cllr Dev Dhillon suggested that the Rowing Lake may allow Church-Goers to park free of charge in the car park which might alleviate the problem on a Sunday.
Cllr Harris said that cars parked on the corner of Court Lane is a police matter likewise, as Mrs Teale pointed, out those cars parked with 2 wheels on the pavement cause an obstruction. Sgt Mutch responded that the Police continue to monitor the situation.

8. TVPA – Sgt Mutch presented his report as attached. Cllr Dev Dhillon reported the dangerous parking at the bottom of Marsh Lane. Sgt Mutch did know that this was already a concern as police officers, as well as commuters to Taplow Railway Station park there, but unless there are yellow lines prohibiting parking or if parking is taking place within 10m of the junction there is no reason for enforcement. A further concern was raised about the A4 with the junction of Marsh Lane not knowing where to stop due to the unclear white lines. Cllr Dev Dhillon will report this to Transport for Bucks (TfB).
Mr Bowman reported that the three traffic issues in Dorney appear to be speeding, parking and potholes and needs the community to be more pro-active to raise these concerns. Sgt Mutch responded that police figures do not suggest speeding and parking are a dangerous issue in Dorney. Cllr Harris suggested that if this is the case then issues shold be reported to the 101 Policy non-emergency number so that a record is known.

9. Village Hall Update – Graham Easton reported that the Village Hall continues to be well used by regular users and ad hoc parties. The hall will be repainted soon to smarten it up. The finances cover the repayment of the loan, to pay Dorney PC for the grounds maintenance and savings for future renovation work so another loan will not be needed. The Management Committee is in need of a Treasurer if anyone is out there is willing to help. The AGM is the 16th May 2017.Mrs Richmonds enquired about the state of the gardens. Dorney Youth Club has helped but still need a Maintenance man. A lady has offered to help the Youth Club with the garden maintenance.

10. Youth Club – Leanne Kittel reported that 9 years ago the Playground4Dorney was set up and so far have raised a 120K. There are approximately 30 children members of the Youth Club with 15 helpers and 7 Committee members. This year they have raised 45K for the Muga which has been recently installed and just finalising the landscaping. The Playground4Dorney Committee are happy to take over the management of the Tennis Court now that Charlie Coish has left the village but are open to help. Joy Richmond thanked the Playground Committee for all they have achieved.

11. Best Kept Village Competition – Nick Teale said that this is he has been co-ordinating the work for 10 years and reported the findings of the last judges’ comments. He is now moving out of the Village and would welcome a volunteer to take over his work.
Dorney PC thanked Nick Teale for all his hard work and hoped a volunteer would come forward to continue this.

12. South Bucks District Council – Report Cllr Pepler – During the past year the main matters of concern have been the shortage of affordable housing and the preparation of the new local plan with the threat of Slough looking to expand in Green Belt areas in South Bucks. The draft Local Plan does not include the threat of development on Green Belt in Dorney but does include the possibility of using land by the side of Sainsburys to the South of the Bath Road for commercial development. The four district Councils have submitted a plan to Government proposing a two tier unitary authority but no response yet from the Secretary of State. The Animal Sanctuary and the adjoining land continue to breach planning laws and are still being addressed by SBDC. CllrPepler confirmed that the litter bins in Trumpers Field are emptied by SBDC and will investigate why they are not emptied regularly.
13. Bucks County Council Report – Cllr Dev Dhillon reported that:- (I) He will ask Bucks CC if there is any funding for Broadband improvements; (ii) Cross Rail will not improve the car park by Taplow Station but he will be working with for Bucks CC’s Parking Manager to review parking in the area; (iii) He carries out regular road inspection with TfB to ensure pothole repair; (iv) Bucks CC needs its Unitary Authority proposals to be agreed before the next election in order to save money as by 2020 Bucks CC will need to be self-funded. This year there is a 4.49% increase in rates for Bucks CC.

Matters raised
(i) Mrs Richmonds raised concern about the efficiency of Bucks CC repair of potholes. Cllr Dev Dhillon responded that he continually reviews the problems with TfB.
(ii) Mrs Richmond asked about what is happening with DTWP working with DPC on traffic calming issues. Cllr Foxley responded that Bill Dax no longer attends Parish Council meetings but is submitting a petition to Bucks CC. Cllr Dev Dhillon also responded that he has had a meeting with Bill Dax and members of DTWP. He has invited an Officer from Bucks CC to explain the traffic data required and the legalities of introducing traffic calming measures. Concern was raised about the data of the DTWP’s petition being that (i) A high proportion of those that signed the petition were not residents of Dorney and (ii) Another concern about the accuracy of the recorded fatal accidents mentioned in the petition. Dornney PC would like to discuss traffic issues with the statutory Body, i.e. Bucks CC, to ensure the correct factual evidence and legal reqirements are in place when reviewing traffic calming meaures for Dorney.
(iii) Mr Bowman believes it is possible to post comments on Nextdoor to specific groups of people so could be used by Dorney PC. Cllr Harris responded that Dorney PC’s views will continue to be publicised on the Web site and minutes are published in Dorney News. Councillors do not have the time to continually post views on other social media sites which could also have a damaging effect if posts become misinterpreted.
(iv) Lastly Mr Ackerman thanked Dorney PC for hosting the AGM which he has enjoyed.

No other business being raised the meeting closed at 9.46pm

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