Jan 162018

Minutes of the Dorney Parish Meeting of the Council
held at the Dorney Village Hall on Tuesday 9th January 2018 at 8 pm

Present:- Councillors K Harris (chaired the meeting), G Easton, A Foxley, A Purdie, L Kittel and R Ormond.
In Attendance:- SBDCs Cllr D Pepler, Nick Atkinson (Highways England), Dave Pilsworth ( Smartmotorway Design Scheme) Matt Orchard (Balfour Beatty, Smartmotorway Construction) and Sue Moffat (Clerk).

144. PUBLIC PARTICIPTION – Nick Atkinson reported that he has recently joined the M4Smartmotorway project for Highways England. The Government has still not given the go ahead to proceed with this £3/4bil project but very close to doing so once some contractual matters have been finalised. The Project should proceed in Spring 2018 and although one contract will be let in two parts being:- (i) Outer bit being the West carriageway of junction 8/9 will start first and; (ii) The carriageway East of Maidenhead starting later. However work on the 4 bridges involved will start at a similar time to Part 1 and Marsh Lane bridge will start at the same time as the Western carriageway being July 2018 and finishing February 2022. The whole construction of the bridge is planned to the nth degree so these target dates should be met.
Matt Orchard looks after the construction side of the scheme and has been in touch with Dorney School after the investigative work commenced in Trumpers Field. He has reminded construction staff that no work in that area should be carried out during school start and finishing times. Surface matting was installed across the field for the temporary access track but the ground is very boggy and the grass will need raking up. The investigative work is quite a big project for this bridge as a major gas mains and drinking water pipeline crosses this part of the river. Industrial divers will be coming to check all this to ensure certainty of the design and construction of the new bridge. At this point Cllr Harris raised his concern that the bridge will be closed for 18 months as this has never been mentioned in previous communications. The closure of this bridge will have a devastating effect on Dorney being the only means in this part of the village to cross the M4 otherwise the route will be via Court Lane to Lake End bridge. Court Lane has a very sharp bend, exacerbated by parked cars using Eton Lake and Boveney Church. Also Cllr Harris asked if there were designs to slow down traffic using this bridge. David Pilsworth responded that at this stage Dorney PC can have no influence over the design of the bridge but he will check if 50mph TTRO are proposed. He went on to say that heavy construction vehicles will access the bridge via the motorway and there will be a small depot of 6-7 portacabins for staff as the main depot is elsewhere at Ascot Road site. When the steel columns are brought in the motorway will be closed at this point and the traffic re-routed. There is a Traffic Management Plan for the whole scheme and he will send Dorney a link so this can be studied. David took on board the concerns raised about sharp bend in Court Lane including the parked cars particularly for those attending the Church for wedding and funerals and Rowing events at the Lake. There will be another public consultation once the dates have been finalised.
Cllr Purdie asked why the bridge construction could be speeded up by having a 24hour working shifts. David explained that this would entail 5 shifts to cover 24 hours and is not beneficial to workforce to work at night. There is a fine balance between costs and logistics.
Cllr Harris asked about a footpath across the bridge for pedestrians to use whilst the bridge is being built. As Cllr Kittel pointed out, school children use the bridge to attend Dorney School and others crossing the opposite way to go to Burnam Upper schools etc, plus commuters walking to Taplow Station? David did not believe a footpath was mentioned at any stage.
Lake End Bridge will be constructed alongside the old bridge so there should be minimal disruption. Work should start in spring 2019, moving services in July 2019 and finishing October 2020. Development Consent Orders will allow Compulsory Purchase of land which will include orchard Herbs. Again Cllr Harris asked if a bend could be part of the design to slow down traffic and Matt responded that this is already in place. David will find out about the TTRO which is proposed.
Nick, David and Matt are happy to attend the Annual Parish Meeting on 18th April to provide further updates and answer any queries.
SBDC Report – Cllr Pepler reported:- (i) He circulated at the meeting a summary of action taken by Bucks CC and SBDC regards the deposit of waste at Orchard Herbs Farm but the summary only showed that the 2 authorities are no further forward in resolving this matter. Recently the Fire Brigade has attended this site twice. Once to put out a fire and a second time to stop land slippage on to the motorway. SBDC are also checking that the Animal Sanctuary has now left the site; (ii) Taplow car boot sale has permission from SBDC to operate for another year; (iii) Tesco’s car park at the Bishops Centre appears to be overflowing and causing problems elsewhere. Cllr Purdie responded that SBDC should have ensured there was adequate parking at the planning stage that is why SBDC must now insist that the next development at new care home at Roots has sufficient parking or the same problem will happen reoccur.
145. Apologies were received from Cllr Smith and BCCllr Dev Dhillon.
146. Resolved to receive and approve the minutes of the previous meeting Council held on the 12th December 2017.
147. Disclosure of interest in items on the agenda – None.
148. Clerk’s Report – The Clerk had received a complaint that an overgrown hedge was obstructing the ‘sharp bend’ sign near to the entrance of the Rowing Lake. Cllr Harris responded that this hedge belonged to the Palmers. Also the white lines in front of the entrance need repainting.
149. Chairman’s Report – None.
150. Any updates for the proposal of having a defibrillator in the telephone box outside the Old Post Office once adopted by Dorney Parish Council – Cllr Foxley reported that Lottery funding has recently been received for the defibrillator and the invoice for the defibrillator will be paid today. Now this is all in place a training course for the volunteers will be organised. Heartbeat Trust will keep all the records which can be accessed by the volunteers logging in to the system.
151. Traffic Calming Measures in Dorney (DTWG) – DTWG had recently asked the Clerk for a copy of the response from Bucks CC to Beeches LAF regards the cost of a Feasibility Study which takes into consideration all the points highlighted by the DTWG and this cost amounts to £13,765.13 just for the Feasibility Study. Dorney PC was surprised to receive a response from Mr Dax on this matter when he said he was unable to respond until after he has spoken to the 183 members of DTWG. However Dorney PC would welcome Mr Dax to attend the next Council meeting to discuss this. In the meantime, Dorney PC will continue to proceed with the purchase of a solar panelled Speed Awareness sign at either end of the Village to alert drivers to the actual speed they are driving at. These signs have proved to be very effective and recommended by the Police. The Clerk has already contacted Taplow PC again to re-arrange the meeting regards training of volunteers to use the Speed Awareness camera to which Cllr Foxley is willing to attend and hopefully with members of the DTWG.
152. To consider the Quotes to carry out the work of the results of the Tree Survey at Dorney War Memorial. The final quote is being finalised for action and a report will be available at the next meeting
153. Proposed security measures required at Trumpers Field – SBDC has asked if Dorney PC can provide further contributions towards the cost of extra security. In response, Dorney PC has offered to pay for the digging of the ditch. It was noted that this land actually belongs to SBDC who is therefore responsible for its security.
154. Planning
(i) To note planning issues, decisions and appeals recently notified by South Bucks District Council .
(ii) To consider and comment upon applications – Agreed.
156. Finance
a) To authorise payment of Accounts for January 2018 (as circulated).
b) To receive list of income for January 2018 (as circulated).
c) To receive recent bank statements and Chairman to sign reconciliations.
d) To receive the budget for 2017/18.
157. Member’s Reports – No meetings.
158. Correspondence (i) Your Care your Community; (ii) Potential Funding Opportunity for Gardening/Pollinator Projects; (iii) Dorney PC: Royal Garden Party 2018 nominations by 31 January; (iv) SBDC – Neighbourhood Watch Promotions; (v) Various TTRO Notifications for events at the Rowing Lake.
159. Resolve any complaints/comments received from residents: (i) Request from a local resident for a copy of the grant application document from the Dorney Village Hall Management Committee to Dorney Parish Council for the £80,000 with supporting papers, estimates of work required etc., A copy of the grant agreement document(s) between Dorney Parish Council and Dorney Village Hall Management Committee for the £80,000 grant and the date on which one or both parties realised that VAT could be reclaimed on village hall refurbishments and who provided this information. The Clerk replied explaining that Dorney PC granted Dorney Hall Management Committee funding via a loan from the Public Works Loan Board towards payment of some of the invoices for the refurbishment works of the Village Hall as it is a public asset, serves the community and was at the agreement of the community after a public consultation was held. Being a Parish Council, Dorney PC then reclaimed back the VAT from the invoices paid according to the estimated amount agreed.

160. Highways employee/work – All going well.

Meeting ended 9.56pm.

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