Jan 092018

Minutes of the Dorney Parish Meeting of the Council
held at the Dorney Village Hall on Tuesday 12th December 2017 at 8 pm

Present:- Councillors K Harris (chaired the meeting), G Easton, A Foxley, A Purdie, L Kittel, P Smith and R Ormond.
In Attendance:- Bucks CC Dev Dhillon and his wife/chauffeur Mrs Dhillon, SBDCs Cllr D Pepler, 2 members of the public and Sue Moffat (Clerk).

129. PUBLIC PARTICIPTION – SBDC Report – Cllr Pepler reported:- (i) A planning application is being sought for the new development of affordable housing along the Bath Road in Burnham (by the boundary to Taplow). This will be temporary planning accommodation to provide temporary homes whilst occupiers are waiting for housing and are a short term solution to reduce the expense of private accommodation. The temporary buildings will be installed on contaminated land that has been top dressed to eliminate contamination. Dorney PC did express concern about this; (ii) Updates on the Orchard Herbs Farm site – The Animal Sanctuary is gradually moving out. Dorney PC pointed out that at the adjacent site, the pile of waste may be going out but even more is coming in and the piles of waste are getting higher but nothing seems to be happening to stop this. Cllr Pepler will investigate the matter with Planning Enforcement at SBDC.
Bucks CC Report – Cllr Dev Dhillon reported:- (i) Refurbishment of footpath along Hardcourt Road is still on his agenda; (ii) Yellow lines on Hitcham Road by Tesco will eventually be carried out; (iii) Funding for Playground4Dorney has been granted to repair the playground; (iv) £1000 additional funding for Dorney PC to upgrade highways is available; (v) In response to Cllr Harris’s concern to ensure there is adequate parking at the new Healthcare development at the former Roots Garden Centre, Cllr Dev Dhillon and Cllr Pepler will take this concern on board. The suggested proposals to bus staff in to work on a daily basis should be closely scrutinised as this was agreed for the Tesco development but never took place. Also it was highlighted that this site would be a prime location to increase the parking facilities for Taplow Station when Crossrail commences; (vi) Dominic Grieve MP visited the proposed Bath Road Cycle scheme and has now recognised how dangerous the roads are in this location.
130. Apologies were received from SBDC Matt Bezzant.
130. Resolved to receive and approve the minutes of the previous meetings of the Finance Committee and Council held on the 14th November 2017.

8.28pm Cllr P Smith joined the meeting.

131. Disclosure of interest in items on the agenda – Cllr Foxley declared an interest in Agenda Item 143 as she lives in Paddocks End which is one of the planning applications and Cllr Kittel declared an interest in Agenda Item 142, being a member of the Playground4Dorney Committee.
132. Clerk’s Report – David Pilsworth and 2 others from M4 Smartmotorway Construction will be attending the next meeting on 9th January 2018. If anyone has any questions to ask about these works please attend the meeting or inform the Clerk who will raise any enquiries on behalf of members of the community.
133. Chairman’s Report – Cllr Harris attended a meeting with the new Healthcare development at the former Roots Garden Centre.
134. Resolved the budget for 2018/2019 to be £21,860, as recommended by the Finance Committee on 14th November 2017.
135. Resolved to set the precept for 2018-19 at £21,860 as recommended by the Finance Committee on 14th November 2017. This is a 3% increase from the 2017/18’s precept of £21,223.
136. Agreed the meeting dates for 2018.
137. Any updates for the proposal of having a defibrillator in the telephone box outside the Old Post Office once adopted by Dorney Parish Council – Cllr Foxley reported that the funding has now been received from the Big Lottery Grant so payments for the costs incurred can now be paid.
138. Traffic Calming Measures in Dorney (DTWG) – Traffic Calming Measures in Dorney – Response has been received from Bucks CC to Beeches LAF for a Feasibility Study to take into consideration all the points highlighted by the DTWG and the total amounts to £13,765.13:- (i) It was agreed that Dorney PC’s response to the traffic calming measures is to install 2 Activated Speed signs either end of the Village to alert drivers to their speed and to support DTWG to carry out the Speed Watch Cameras. Both these proposed actions will then clarify if speeding is a problem in Dorney Village; (ii) Dorney Parish Council cannot justify an expense of £13,765 to fund just the ‘concept’ of possible traffic calming with the assumption that there will be further costs to implement any of the numerous actions if agreed. However, Dorney Parish Council would support any community agreed proposals from the DTWG, as actioned by Bucks CC Highways Authority and Thames Valley Police Authority, in DTWG endeavours to seek funding for any agreed actions; (ii) Dorney PC have encouraged DTWG to take up the offer of using the Community Speedwatch Camera; (iii) Apparently Taplow PC was asked by PCSO O’Connell to consider a request from Dorney Parish Council to share the use of a Speed Watch Camera as funded by Beeches LAF. According to Taplow PC’s Minutes no representatives from Dorney PC attended the last meeting so the request was refused. It was noted that Dorney Parish Council did not receive an invitation with adequate prior notice so was unable to attend. Cllr Foxley offered to attend a future meeting with a representative from DTWG.
Dorney PC would urge a representative from the DTWG to attend a Dorney PC;s meeting to discuss matters.
139. To consider the Quotes to carry out the work of the results of the Tree Survey at Dorney War Memorial. Still waiting for a third quote. Deferred until the next meeting.
140. Proposed security measures required at Trumpers Field – A response was received from the Highways Agency regards concern raised about the recent removal of the bund and concrete block to allow access to the Smartmotorway work which appears to require access through Trumpers Field to a compound that is being installed near to the motorway. The concerns have now been addressed but it was recognised that prior notice should have been given. Representatives of the Highways Agency will attend the January 2018 meeting to respond to any issues raised.
Regards the extra security for the site, Cllr Harris will arrange for a contractor to improve the ditch on behalf of Dorney PC.
141. Response to Bucks CC Cllr Dhillon’s request for road improvement projects from available funding from TfB up to £1000. Councillors have provided a list of road for vegetation cut back.
142. To include the Tennis Courts on Playground4Dorney Insurance. The Clerk reported that public liability insurance for the tennis court is covered under the Council’s insurance. This was agreed to be adequate.
143. Planning
(i) To note planning issues, decisions and appeals recently notified by South Bucks District Council .
(ii) To consider and comment upon applications – Agreed.
144. Finance
a) To authorise payment of Accounts for December 2017 (as circulated).
b) To receive list of income for December 2017 (as circulated).
c) To receive recent bank statements and Chairman to sign reconciliations.
d) To receive the budget for 2017/18.
145. Member’s Reports – No meetings.
146. Correspondence (i) Public asked for their views on creating a country park in South Bucks District; (ii) Land at Bath Road, Taplow; (iii) Grants for Remembering the First World War in 2018; (iii) Taplow PC agenda; (iv) Chiltern DC and South Bucks DC new Joint Planning Service; (v) BCC News: ‘Have your say’ on Proposed Changes to the Cost of Adult Social Care Services; (vi) School appeals panel member shortage in Buckinghamshire; (vii) Eton and Eton Wick Neighbourhood Plan (2016-2036) Submission version (Regulation; (viii) 16) Consultation on Temporary Housing Units in Taplow; ( ix) SBDC Planning web site maintenance on 15/12/12; (x) Comment on the Temporary Housing units in Taplow; (x) SBDC planned website maintenance.
147. Resolve any complaints/comments received from residents: (i) The rear of 26 Meadow Way has been resolved; (ii) Overhanging vegetation on o footpaths particularly Court Lane and Hardcourt Road. Cllr Kittel offered to check the addresses of properties. The Clerk will then write to the owners of properties to ask them to cut back overhanging vegetation. The Clerk did highlight that property owners do not always realise the problem and would urge them to walk along their boundary by public highway so if there is a problem they can take appropriate action and arrange for the vegetation to be cut back.

148. Highways employee/work – All going well.

Meeting ended 9.24pm.

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