Mar 042018

Minutes of the meeting of Dorney Parish Council Finance Committee held at Dorney Village Hall on Tuesday 8th November 2016 at 7pm.

Present: Cllrs R Ormond (Chairman), K Harris, A Foxley, L Kittel and G Eastman.
In attendance: S Moffat (Clerk).

Part I
1. Apologies for absence received from Cllrs A Purdie and P Smith.
2. Disclosure of interest in items on the agenda-None.
3. Budget 2016/2017 – to monitor, review and approve figures to 8th November 2016 (as circulated) –Noted and approved.
4. Budget 2017/2018 – to review the draft budget and to resolve any amendments/additions. Resolved to recommend to Council a budget showing a 3% increase in precept. This budget continues to take in to account the need to compensate for the reduction in Devolved Highways payments from Bucks County Council. The proposed budget will have a surplus of just over £29.98. Reserves will be earmarked for future overspend in Devolved Highways work, to act as guarantor for the Village Hall’s loan (of which £11,000 is still outstanding) and the remaining reserves will be General Reserves to ensure the continuity of the work of Dorney Parish Council. Recommended budget appended.
5. Precept- Resolved to recommend a precept of £21,223 to be agreed at the Council meeting in December 2016. This is a 3% increase from this year’s precept of £20,605.
6. Internal Auditor for 2017/2018 – Resolved to appoint Euan MacClennan as the internal auditor.
7. Risk Assessment – Resolved to approve the risk assessment after changing ‘Failure to identify potential risk’ and Business interruption through loss of equipment, records, staff leave etc’ from Medium to Low Risk.
8. Insurance – to review the level of insurance and ensure that the Council is adequately covered (as circulated with the agenda). Resolved that there is adequate insurance for the Council after including the new addition of the MUGA for Playground for Dorney. The Clerk will first check how much increase in cost this will be for either the cost of equipment or cost of equipment plus installation.
9. Asset Register – Resolved to approve the asset register and ensure that the Council’s assets are all represented after adding the MVAS and the MUGA area (no longer classed as the Picnic Park ).
10. Financial Regulations – Resolved to approve the Council’s financial regulations and that they are adequate for the Council’s current needs.
11. Resolved to grant a donation of £200 to Dorney News

Meeting Closed at 7.45pm.

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