Jul 152018

Minutes of the Dorney Parish Meeting of the Council
held at the Dorney Village Hall on Tuesday 10th July 2018 at 8 pm

Present:- Councillors K Harris (chaired the meeting), A Purdie, R Ormond and P Smith
In Attendance:- Buck CC Cllr Dev Dhillon, SBDC Cllr D Pepler and Sue Moffat (Clerk).

61. PUBLIC PARTICIPTION – Bucks CC Report – Cllr Dev Dhillon reported:-(i) He has received complaints about the number of parked cars along Court Lane and Richmond Path near the entrance to the Rowing Lake. Cllr Harris explained that the situation has got worse lately due to the Rowing lake allowing youths to swim in the Lake during the hot weather and there are security guards at the entrance preventing vehicle access so swimmers have to park on the road. PCSO O’Connell booked 15 cars on one occasion. Cllr Dhillon and Cllr Harris will arrange a meeting with the Management of the Rowing Lake to discuss the problem. Cllr Dhillon confirmed that he has funding for bollards along this stretch of road to prevent parking. Cllr Harris said that Dorney Court will be fencing and hedging along the bridleway to replace the wooden post and rail fencing further along Court Lane which will prevent parking on the verge. Also, the white lines at the entrance to the Lake need repainting; (ii) Slough Borough Council will be putting back and upgrading the traffic lights and removing the new roundabout near to Huntercombe Lane South when the new cycle scheme is installed; Slough BC have had no consultation with Bucks CC on this matter. Members felt that the roundabout was working well and returning to the use of traffic lights may hinder traffic flow; (iii) Cllr Dhillon will take the Highways LAT to inspect the surface of Boveney Rd, Lake End Rd cycle path which needs siding out to reinstate the 1.5m width of the path (hedge to be cut back in September) and renewing the white lines at the entrance to the Rowing Lake; (iv) Cllr Harris raised concern about the parked cars at the A4 end of Old Marsh Lane causing a danger to drivers by the traffic lights. Cllr Dhillon responded that vehicles are allowed to park there and would need the stats to prove that parking in this area was dangerous before the Safety Officer at Bucks CC would take any action. Cllr Harris asked if Taplow PC would take action? Cllr Dhillon responded that a complete review of parking in the area will be carried out after Crossrail starts in Spring 2019.
SBDC Report – Cllr Pepler reported:-(i) Enforcement is taking place regards the building work at 7, Old Marsh Lane as it is on the SBDC’s agenda for the Planning meeting on 18th July; (ii) He was invited to attend Marlow Regatta in his official capacity of Vice-Chairman of SBDC.
62. Apologies were received from Cllr A Foxley, Cllr G Easton and Cllr L Kittel
63. Disclosure of interest in items on the agenda – Cllr Harris and Cllr Smith declared a non-pecuniary interest in Planning Application 18/00944/CLOPED.
64. Resolved to receive and approve the minutes of the previous meeting Council held on the 12th June 2018.
65. Clerk’s Report – None.
66. Chairman’s Report – Cllr Harris reported that part of Boveney Common is fenced off as the charity, Thames21, is a group of volunteers reclaiming Roundmoor ditch. This will probably take about 2 years.
67. Resolved to change the date of the Finance and Council meeting for November 2018 from 13th to 6th November 2018, which is from the second Tuesday of the month to the first Tuesday of the month, for a one off occasion.
68. Defibrillator Update – Cllr Foxley submitted a written update:-The public vote is for a defibrillator at the phone box. The cost is about £1400 and if purchased through the School it is about £800 cheaper than using the charity route. Dorney PC have approx. £300 remaining in the bank from the funds for the Village Rd defibrillator. Cllr Foxley will now apply to British Airways for some funding but will still need to find another donor. Dorney School have said they would perform all checks during term time and they would also help with fundraising if we needed it.
69. The Village Clean Up on 16th June, 2018. Cllr Foxley thanked everyone for turning up. There were about 25 people of all ages that litter picked, weeded and edged up around the benches and play equipment in Trumpers Field and along the road sides in Dorney and Boveney. 24 bags of rubbish and weeds were collected. Thanks also goes to our Groundsman, John Farrell, for all his hard work carrying out the regular maintenance.
70. Resolved to adopt the Privacy Policy, General Privacy notice and Staff and Councillors Privacy Notice to conform to the GDPR that came in to force on 25th May 2018 (as circulated). These documents will be uploaded on to the web site in due course.
71. To consider Devolved Highways work from 2019 and beyond and to extend it to involve road defect repair. It was agreed that it is advantageous to continue this work to keep a high standard of maintenance in Dorney but would ask that there is an inflationary increase in income for doing so. Dorney PC also expressed an interest to extend this work to cover road defect repair.
72. Traffic Calming Measures in Dorney:- Updates on the Radar Speed Sign. It was agreed to purchase 2 Vehicle Activated Signs as per quote of £3778 plus VAT with £1500 funding from Beeches LAF. These signs will show the speed of the passing vehicles and flash up ‘Slow Down’, if necessary, at the 2 locations either end of the Village as already agreed with Bucks County Council Highways Department. It was also agreed to replace with longer posts to accommodate the sign and solar panel and to organise for a Street Work’s Accredited contractor to do this and fit the signs as per quote of £800 and £650 respectively.
The M4 Smartmotorway Public Presentation is being held on Thursday 12 July at the Village Hall. It was agreed for Dorney Parish Council to lobby for the re-introduction of a roundabout at the junction of Village Road and Court Lane (similar to the one that was put in place during the 2012 Olympics) whilst Marsh Lane bridge is closed in order to assist traffic flow and slow down traffic. Also, to ask for the 30mph traffic sign in Lake End Rd to be moved to the other side of the motorway bridge to give drivers more warning to slow down before they reach the Pineapple PH.
73. Planning
(a) To note planning issues, decisions and appeals recently notified by South Bucks District Council were noted.
(b) To consider and comment upon applications were agreed. Cllrs Harris and Smith declared an interest in Planning Application 18/00944/CLOPED so no comment could be made as not quorate (3 councillors required to be quorate).
74. Finance
a) To authorise payment of Accounts for July 2018 (as circulated).
b) To receive list of income for July 2018 (as circulated).
c) To receive recent bank statements and Chairman to sign reconciliations.
d) To receive the budget for 2018/19.
75. Member’s Reports – None.
76. Correspondence- (i) (i) SBALC – Minutes of Annual Meeting – 7 June 2018; (ii) Neighbourhood Watch Week 2018; (iii) SBALC – Planning Issues in South Bucks; (iv) BMKALC – Remembrance Day Silhouette Installation Grants; (v) Bucks & MK Sport Awards 2018 – Thanking the people who make sport happen; (vi) Response to Unitary Authority in Buckinghamshire – Comments from Dominic Grieve QC MP (Upload this response on to the web site); (vii) Planning Issues in South Bucks – SBALC – Special Meeting – Tuesday 18 September 2018; (viii) Consultation on Joint Housing Strategy – Chiltern District Council and South Bucks District Council; (ix ) Highways Report https://infrastructure.planninginspectorate.gov.uk/wp-content/ipc/uploads/projects/TR010019/TR010019-001980-South%20Bucks%20DC%20and%20Bucks%20CC%20-%20Local%20Impact%20Report.pdf;
(x) Bucks County Show – Thursday 30th August 2018; (xi) Work on Boveney Common see http://www.sloughobserver.co.uk/news/16325379.join-the-campaign-to-reclaim-the-roundmoor/?ref=erec; (xi)Unauthorised Encampment Alert System – Apps available; (xii) Burnham Farnhams, Taplow, Dorney Neighbourhood Police Newsletter.
77. Resolve any complaints/comments received from residents – (i) – Dead Chestnut branches overhanging Court Lane. The Highways LAT is organising for the tree to be inspected; (ii) Cllr Purdie received complaints about illegal parking along Court Lane. He videoed this illegal parking and sent it to the Chief Constable and Dominic Grieve QC MP and now awaiting a response.

78. Highways employee/work – No comments.

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