Dec 312018

Minutes of the Dorney Parish Meeting of the Council

held at the  Dorney Village Hall on Tuesday 11th December 2018 at 8 pm


Present:- Councillors K Harris (chaired the meeting), A Purdie, A Foxley, P Smith, G Easton and R Ormond.

In Attendance:- Bucks CC Cllr Dev Dhillon., Nick Balsdon (Highways England), Jim Stacy  (Highways England), Matt Orchard (Balfour Beatty), Rev La Stacey, Paul Humpleman (Parochial Church Council), 4 MoP  and Sue Moffat (Clerk).



M4 Smartmotorway Works:- Jim Stacy explained that the enabalising works for the statutory undertaking e.g. gas, electric, clearance of vegetation etc has started for Marsh Lane bridge so activity has commenced in this area. Marsh Lane bridge will be demolished in situ and the new bridge built online. The demolition will take place November 2019 and completion of the new bridge by November 2020. The bridge will be closed for approximately one year. The construction of the new Lake End bridge will not commence until after the completion of Marsh Lane bridge. However, prior to the completion of Marsh Lane bridge, enabalising work will commence in the area of Lake End bridge. The new Lake End bridge will be built offline, next to the old bridge. Access across the bridge will never be closed but there may be restricted traffic on occasions. The completion date is May 2021.

Dorney Parish Council has suggested, at the very beginning of the dialogue with Highways England, that a temporary roundabout at the junction of Court Lane with Village Road (similar to the one constructed for the 2012 Olympics) would ease congestion when the bridge works are taking place, particularly for Marsh Lane bridge when all residents from Dorney Reach have no option but to exit the village via this route. Cllr Dev Dhillon said he has been asking for this but has had no response. Jim Stacy said that there are regular Key Stake holders meeting for Traffic Management with the Traffic Manager for Bucks CC. Cllr Dev Dhillon will ensure he attends thee meetings so the matter of the roundabout can be raised. Dorney PC stressed it was important to take on board local knowledge that the PC can provide to ensure there is least disruption as the closure of the bridges are going to make it very difficult for residents of Dorney, especially Dorney Reach.

The matter of the recent noise disturbance late at night was then next broached. Jim Stacy said that noise levels were monitored constantly from the grounds of Dorney School and there is an alert system if noise levels exceed the recommended level. A letter was sent out to residents within a 100m of the works. Dorney PC responded that the letters arrived too late and should have included residents in Harcourt Road who were also disturbed. One resident living in the first house of Meadow Way reported that the level of the noise actually caused his house to vibrate. Matt Orchard asked for any complaints to be reported to him for investigation as he was very keen to find out what caused such a disturbance. Jim Stacy said that any feedback will be examined at the highest level. It was agreed for complaints to be sent to the Clerk of Dorney PC who will then pass them on to the relevant officers, Nick Balsdon and Matt Orchard. However the demolition of the bridge will be unavoidably noisy. The Thames bridge will be accessed via Tumpers Field which will also be used as a flood plain. If there is any dangerous parking of construction vehicles please contact Nick Balsdon straight away and he will deal with the matter immediately. Lastly Cllr Harris raised the matter of even more congestion when cars are parked along the entrance to Eton Rowing Lake in Court Lane and has Highways England taken this in to consideration, particularly when there is an event at the Lake? Lastly Jim Stacy said there will be regular ‘Drop-in’ sessions from 3-6pm at Dorney Village Hall and it was agreed that better communications were essential for the smooth running of the M4 Smartmotorway works.

Parking congestion in Court Road outside Entrance to Eton Rowing Lake – Rev Stacey and Paul Humpleman raised concerns about proposals to install double yellow lines along Court Lane and up to the cottages in Richmond Path. Parking restrictions would have a severe effect on users of the Church. Mr Palmer has offered to provide a field for parking which would then have to be managed by the Church. The Church Parochial Council have considered this but resolved that the practicalities of managing such a car park would be too problematic. Cllr Dev Dhillon has received a quote for installing double yellow lines of £15k of which £5k for the feasibity study and £1 for installation. It was agreed that Eton College must take some responsibility for the parking problems as it was the introduction of car parking charges at their car park that instigated the problem, exacerbate by closing the car park during busy times. It was agreed to organise another meeting with all interested parties for either 7pm on 8th January or 12th February 2019 to seek a solution.

BCC Report – Cllr Dev Dhillon reported:- (i) He has secured funding of £450; £300 to the Something New group for wildflower planting and £150 towards a new dog bin at the River car park which will then be topped up out of next year’s LAF funding as approximately £450 is needed for a new dog bin and installation; (ii) Secretary of Housing and Community has approved for Bucks  to become a Unitary Authority and Bucks CC and the 4 districts must all agree the changes to make this happen. By March 2019 the Shadow  Authority must agree a Shadow Cabinet to work towards a Structure Order to be agreed by the Minister for commencing the Unitary Authority by May 2020, At present there is dissent as the District Councils has asked for 148 councillors to be part of the new structure but Bucks CC believe 148 are too many and are proposing 90 councillors.; (iii)  The Leader of Bucks CC, Martin Tett, has  now reversed the decision to change the length of the Devolved Highways Services Agreement back to 4 years after announcing it was shortened to one year when Unitary Authority was approved; (iv) Cllr Dev Dhillon is investigating the unexpected notice that Orchard Herbs Farm is a Green Waste Centre. Cllr Harris added that it has also been used for motorcross biking as well; (v) Cllr Harris reported that the very dangerous pothole on the corner of Boveney Road has still not been repaired. Cllr Smith reported that further up Boveney Road, the Palmer’s Estate have installed new bunds. These bunds are obstructing the public highway which includes the verge as lorries are now flattening the bunds This is causing mud across the highways and puddling which makes it impassable for 2 way traffic. Cllr Dev Dhillon will organise for Highways to write a letter to the Landowner to rectify this; (vi) Cllr Purdie reported that road markings at the junction of Marsh Lane with the A4 have still not been repainted and he reported this 2 and half months ago. These fading line marking are causing a seriously dangerous problem as no warning for drivers to stop at this busy junction. Cllr Dev Dhillon will follow this up.

SBDC Report – Cllr Peplar sent in a report about the Freedom of Information request from Burnham Parish Council regards the planning enforcement at Orchard Herbs Farm.

  1. Apologies were received from Cllrs L Kittel and SBDC Cllr D Pepler,
  2. Disclosure of interest in items on the agenda – None.
  3. Resolved to receive and approve the minutes of the previous meeting Council held on the 6th November 2018.
  4. Clerk’s Report – None.
  5. Chairman’s Report – No further reports.
  6. Resolved the budget for 2019/2020 as recommended by the Finance Committee on 6th November 2018, but with a slight amendment to the end of year deficit to accommodate the revised income from Dorney Village Hall (as circulated). This budget has included the possibility of election expenses which SBDC has estimated to be £2802 and a number of budgeted costs were increased in line with inflation expectations.
  7. Resolved to set the precept for 2019-20 at £22,546 as recommended by the Finance Committee on 6th November 2018. This is a 3% increase from the 2018/19’s precept of £21,890.
  8. Resolved the meeting dates for 2019 (as circulated) being the second Tuesday of each month but no meeting in August. The Finance meeting to be after the Council meeting in November 2019.
  9. Defibrillator Update – Cllr Foxley is in the process of seeking a grant for the defibrillator.
  10. Update on the parking situation in Court Lane outside the entrance to the Rowing Lake. Stakeholders meeting to be arranged to resolve this problem.
  11. Devolved Highways Work – Bucks CC have reduced the Devolved Highways Work contract from 4 years to 1 year in response to Bucks CC setting up a Unitary Authority. However Cllr Dev Dhillon has stated that this has now been reversed back to 4 years. (See Minute 123).
  12. Planning

(a) To note planning issues, decisions and appeals recently notified by South Bucks District Council were noted.

(b) To consider and comment upon applications were agreed.

(c) Orchard Herbs Farm – Green Waste Recycling – Cllr Dev Dhillon is investigating this matter (See Minute 123).

  1. Finance
  2. a) Resolved to authorise payment of Accounts for December 2018 (as circulated).
  3. b) Resolved to receive list of income for December 2018 (as circulated).
  4. c) The bank statement had not been received in time for this meeting so deferred until the December meeting.
  5. d) Resolved to receive the budget for 2018/19.
  6. Member’s Reports – None
  7. Correspondence:- (i) Police & Crime Bulletin for November 2018 Response from Mark Jaggard, Head of Planning & Economic Development to the questions raised at the SBALC meeting on 18th September; (ii) Nick_Cooper_M4_letter_Dec_18; (iii) Call for sites to inform the Chiltern & South Bucks Joint Local Plan by 14th January, 2019; (iv) Dorney School  Admission Arrangements 2020–2021by 11th January 2019; (v) Beeches LAF  Minutes17 October, 2017
  8. Resolve any complaints/comments received from residents – Various members of the public regards noise from the M4 Smartmotorway works.
  9. Highways employee/workAll going well.


Meeting ended 9.46pm.


Chairman ……………………………………………………  Date ………………………………….



Date of next meeting – Council meeting at 8pm on 8th January, 2019 at the Dorney Village Hall.


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