May 122019

Minutes of the Dorney Parish Meeting of the Council

held at the  Dorney Village Hall on Tuesday 9th April 2019 at 8 pm

Present:- Councillors K Harris (chaired the meeting), A Purdie, A Foxley, P Smith and J Dax.

In Attendance:- Cllr Dev Dhillon, Mr Humpleman, Mr Bowman and Sue Moffat (Clerk).


Bucks CC – Cllr Dev Dhillon has invited the Highways Officer who attends the M4 Smartmotorway Stakeholders’ meetings to Dorney PC to discuss double yellow lines in Court Lane and a temporary roundabout at Court Lane/Village /road. It was agreed to invite him to the next Council meeting in May. The Clerk confirmed this has been organised. Cllr Harris added that the carriageways would need repairing and cleared before double yellow lines can be installed. Cllr Dev Dhillon will report this to the Local Area Technician.

Paul Humpleman, representing St James the Less church, reported that the Church did not want double yellow lines outside the Church as this would affect the parking to churchgoers. It was agreed that the double yellow lines would stop before the entrance to the Church and extend up to the houses in Marsh Lane. Mr Humpleman also added that a Plan B was needed in case there becomes a problem in Court Lane when March Lane bridge is out of use, despite the proposed parking restrictions being in place. Cllr Harris was positive that Eton Rowing Lake would provide free passes to regular users of the Church although Mr Humpleman was doubtful if this would be suitable due to the distance to the Church with many church goers being elderly and/or infirm. It was agreed to register this concern to the Bucks CC Highways Officer at the next meeting; (ii) Cllr Dev Dhillon has received many emails about the burning of materials at Orchard Herbs Farm and brought out the new Enforcement Officer at Bucks CC to witness this problem. However, it is the Enforcement Officers at SBDC who is responsible for this and Cllr Dev Dhillon will arrange a meeting with them. Cllr Harris suggested that Cllr Dhillon should work with Highways UK who will be compulsory purchasing this land for the Smartmotorway  to ensure the owners of Orchard Herb Farm take responsibility for all the material that has been brought in; (iii) Huntercombe Lane South will be repaired shortly and afterwards Highways will concentrate on getting Boveney Road repairs; (iv) Installation of Bath Road Cycle Scheme starts on 22nd April and will be completed by 12th November 2019. Cllr Harris asked that maintenance of the cycle path is put in place unlike the cycle path from Sainsburys to Dorney which becomes unusable with encroachment of vegetation: (v) Cllr Harris reported that the 2 cattle grids still need repairing. The one at Eton end of the Common has been broken for 5 weeks. Bucks CC must ensure Boveney Common is not closed; (vi) Cllr Dev Dhillon reported that the order has now been placed for a Unitary Authority in Bucks therefore the Shadow Authority will meeting soon. The Shadow Authority will be talking to towns and parishes for their views regards Community Hubs.

SBDC Report – Cllr Pepler sent a written report that there were no further updates regards Orchard Herbs Farm.

  1. Apologies were received from Cllr G Easton, Bucks Cllr R Ormond and SBDC Cllr D Pepler.
  2. Disclosure of interest in items on the agenda – None.
  3. Resolved to receive and approve the minutes of the previous meeting Council held on the 12th March 2019.
  4. Clerk’s Report – None.
  5. Chairman’s Report – Cllr Harris has downloaded information from the 2 new VAS signs. Data shows that the average speed tends to be 23 to 31 mph but the number of vehicles driving through Dorney is  very high. He will put a paper together to display this information.
  1.  Annual General Meeting of the Electorate on 17th April 2019 – Agenda Update. Unfortunately, the Manager of Eton Dorney Lake and Leanne Kittel are unable to attend but have offered to write a report. The Clerk has not received a reply from Eton Dorney School. Cllr Dax offered to make enquiries.
  2. Defibrillator Update – No further updates.
  3. Update on the parking situation in Court Lane outside the entrance to the Rowing Lake. As discussed under Bucks CC report. Cllr Harris has drawn up the plan for the location of double yellow lines in readiness for the feasibility study to be carried out by Bucks CC.
  4. Update on M4Smartmotorway works. As discussed under Bucks CC report.
  5. Dorney News – To consider the request from Mr Bowman to change the format of the Minutes of the monthly meetings of Dorney Parish Council that will be published in Dorney News to that of the ‘Parish Pump’ type style. (Example circulated). It was agreed to have a test run and for Mr Bowman to write a report like that circulated ensuring that it reflects a true record of the Minutes and the activity of any individuals mentioned is done so in a courteous manner.
  6. Planning

(a) To note planning issues, decisions and appeals recently notified by South Bucks District Council were noted. 

(b) To consider and comment upon applications were agreed.

  • Finance

a) Resolved to authorise payment of Accounts for April 2019 (as circulated).

b) Resolved to receive list of income for April 2019 (as circulated).

c) The bank statement for April 2019 – Noted.

d) Resolved to receive the budget for 2018/19. Noted.

  • Member’s Reports – None
  • Correspondence:- (i) Bucks CC – 2018 statistics for the Dorney Traffic Monitor; (ii) SBALC addenda for 28th March; (iii) Reply to the SBALC letter from the Secretary of State regards Unitary; (iv) A4 (Bath Road) Bulletin; (v) Dementia Friends Session – Wednesday 22nd May.
  • Resolve any complaints/comments received from residents (i) Huntercombe Lane South – Report from Bucks CC  – ,The road is being extensively patched in approx. 3 weeks’ time (hopefully sooner) which will take care of the potholes.  In the mean time I’ve placed out failed road surface boards which will act as a warning to drivers to navigate with care. The vegetation I’m not aware about but will visit the road and raise any necessary orders for flailing/siding out etc and let you know’; (ii) Repair of cattle grids – Suggestion to open side gate at to vehicles at the Windsor end one was passed on to the new Local Area Technician, Chris Nash.(iii) Bad potholes in Marsh Lane by Marsh Lane bridge; Eton Dorney School – Refuse bins need moving in to the school premises. Also a number of people from the School smoke outside the School premises leaving cigarette butts on the pavement. Cllr Dax offered to speak to the Head Teacher ab0ut these problems.
  • Highways work – All going well.

Meeting ended 9.05pm.

Chairman ……………………………………………………  Date ………………………………….

Date of next meeting – Annual Parish meeting of the Council at 8pm on 14th May, 2019 at the Dorney Village Hall.

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