Jul 252019

Minutes of the Dorney Parish Meeting of the Council

held at the  Dorney Village Hall on Tuesday 9th July 2019 at 8 pm

Present:- Councillors K Harris (chaired the meeting),  A Purdie, Cllr P Smith and J Dax.

In Attendance:- Cllr Dev Dhillon, Matt Orchard (Balfour Beatty), Cllr D Pepler (SBDC), Jim Stacey (Highways England), Mr Bowman (Dorney Village Pump), 25 members of the public and Sue Moffat (Clerk).


M4 Smartmotorway:-  This topic was postponed due to the urgency of the Local Plan Consultation so Matt Orchard offered to send a written report for the Minutes being:- (i) Badgers-Breeding season is over and under Natural England Licence we are working to close the setts; (ii) Court Road / Marsh Lane / Dorney Lake corner-We note that double yellow lines are going to be installed by Dorney Lake / South Bucks; (iii) Lake End Road / Court Road junction -June’s Traffic Management Group meeting was cancelled, the next scheduled meeting is the 30th of July, I will ask for an update on this issue at the meeting; (iv) Thames river path – We have diverted the path under the New Thames bridge onto a pontoon in the river.  No complaints received from tow path users.  We are making some minor changes to the warning signs in the river after being contacted by the local rowing club; (v) Meadow Way – We are currently working in the garden of 2 Meadow Way which is owned by Highways England.  This is preparatory work to enable us to drill a new gas main under the motorway from Old Marsh Lane.  Also, within the garden of 2 Meadow Way we will be installing a temporary roadway to provide access to the village hall during the works to connect the new gas main to the existing network.  The connection has to be made in the village hall access track and so it will be closed for two weeks in the middle of August, dates my change slightly.  During the closure of the village hall access track to vehicles, pedestrians will still be able to use the footway immediately adjacent to the motorway retaining wall to get to the village hall.  The temporary access for motor vehicles will be controlled by temporary traffic lights, these will be silent battery powered signals.  We will need to put a gate on the temporary access and will fit it with a combination padlock, set to the same combination as the lock on the current gate so that regular users can get in and out.

SBDC Local Plan Consultation – Members of the public attended this Parish Council meeting as concerned about the short space of time to respond to the SBDC Local Plan consultation as there has been lack of publicity about this and was hoping for a public meeting to discuss it. Particular concern was raised in the proposed plan that Dorney Reach will be removed from the Green Belt. Cllr Smith responded, having expertise in the field of planning, that the National Planning Framework updated in 2018 is to keep GB. Dorney Reach is rather an anomaly as this GB land has already been built on but if it is removed from GB it will remove GB restrictions.  The area in question does not include Trumpers Field which will remain in GB. Dorney Parish Council, which represents the concerns of residents, will be discussing the matter tonight and will object. The Parish Council does not have the resources to canvas the opinion of each individual in the Parish on every matter but does work hard to look after the best interests of the Parish. Dorney Parish Council would urge everyone to respond to the consultation so the SBDC understands the discontent to the proposals in the Local Plan consultation. Sound and robust planning reasoning needs to be used.

Cllr Harris announced the sad demise of Peter Belcher a past Chairman of Dorney Parish Council.

Bucks CC – Cllr Dev Dhillon reported:-(i) The double yellow lines in Court Lane, outside the entrance to  Eton College Rowing Lake, have been approved but haven’t heard any more about the temporary roundabout; (ii) TfB have recognised the problem of a 2 week road closure to repair the cattle grid so now will build the cattle grid off-site before installing it so the road closure is shortened to a maximum of 72 hours. Cllr Harris responded that RBWM are still closing the road for 10 days to install their cattle grid so it is imperative there is good signage giving advance warning and also ensure the emergency services are aware of the closure. The gates by the side of the cattle grids will be used for pedestrians and cyclists so they will still have access; (iv) Cllr Harris reported Cllr Foxley’s observation that the traffic lights at the end of Marsh Lane in Taplow by the police station are covered by vegetation and can’t be seen.

SBDC Report – Cllr Pepler reported:- (i) The temporary housing being built along the Bath Road has been completed to a good standard ; (ii) Cllr Pepler, as Chairman of SBDC, was invited to the Regatta at Eton Rowing Lake; (iii)  Cllr Pepler enquired about for the litter bins by the children’s playground in Trumpers Field to be emptied more frequently but was informed this was the responsibility of the Village Hall. It was pointed out that it was not the Village Hall refuse bin but the public litter bins so Cllr Pepler will make further enquiries; (iv) Orchard Herbs Farm – He is hoping to have more information next Monday. The difficulty in carrying out any enforcement is that owner keeps changing.

  • Apologies were received from Cllr A Foxley and R Ormond.  
  • Disclosure of interest in items on the agenda – None.
  • Resolved to receive and approve the minutes of the previous meeting Council held on the 11th June 2019.
  • Clerk’s Report – None.
  • Chairman’s Report – Cllr Harris reported the sad demise of Peter Belcher a past Chairman of Dorney Parish Council at the time of Rowing Lake application which caused a lot of work.
  • Councillor Vacancy – To be deferred to the next meeting when a decision has been made regards the 2 applications.
  • Updates on the defibrillators – No further updates.
  • Update on the parking situation in Court Lane – The Clerk confirmed that Eton College has now paid £5k towards the cost of the double yellow line markings in Court Lane.
  • Update on M4Smartmotorway works – Matt Orchard to send a written report (as included in the Minutes).
  • Change of Boundary from Buckinghamshire to Berkshire – The Clerk reported that she has received 10 emails from residents; 4 wishing to explore the advantages and disadvantages of moving, 4 wanting to move to Berkshire and 2 against moving and wished to stay in Buckinghamshire. Cllr Dax reported that she had 50 residents signed up. Cllr Harris did respond that residents should go through the official channel, via the Clerk. It was agreed for the Clerk to make further enquiries regards this process and if it becomes a burning issue for residents then we will need to make a plan of the work involved at the next Council meeting in September.
  • Village Clean Up’ Day – Very few volunteers attended. It was felt that a Saturday morning would be a better time than a Sunday afternoon in the future.
  • Community Speedwatch scheme – Cllr Dax reported that she has 3 volunteers and just waiting for a 4th.
  • To respond to the Chilterns and South Bucks Local Plan and Community Infrastructure draft charging levy (CIL)  – It was agreed to object to the removal of Dorney Reach from Green Belt as the rural community needs protecting, need to maintain the openness of the area and will put more pressure on the infrastructure. Members to email Clerk any further comments who will circulate the final response for approval.
  • To comment on the ‘Public Path Creation agreement- Land at Dorney Common in the Parish of Dorney in the County of Buckinghamshire  – Noted.
  • Planning

(a) Planning issues, decisions and appeals recently notified by South Bucks District Council were noted. 

(b) To consider and comment upon applications were agreed.

  • Finance

a) Resolved to authorise payment of Accounts for July 2019 (as circulated).

b) Resolved to receive list of income for July 2019 (as circulated).

c) The bank statement for June 2019 – Noted.

d) Resolved to receive the budget for 2019/20. Noted.

Meeting ended 9.37pm.

Chairman ……………………………………………………  Date ………………………………….

Date of next meeting of the Council at 8pm on 10th September, 2019 at the Dorney Village Hall.

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