Sep 062019

Dorney Parish Council

Sue Moffat
Parish Clerk
Tel: 07443 588361

20 Benchmanor Crescent
Chalfont St Peter

2nd July 2019

To all Members of Dorney Parish Council . You are hereby summoned to attend the Annual Meeting of the Dorney Parish Council at Dorney Village Hall on Tuesday 10th September 2019 at 8 pm. It is intended to transact the business listed below in the Agenda.

Mrs S Moffat ​
Part I

  1. PUBLIC PARTICIPATION An Open Session will be held for members of the public who may ask questions or submit comments about agenda items/parish council matters. Parish Councillors may also make comment at this time. If there is a representative from Thames Valley Police, a County Council or District Council Member in attendance there will be an opportunity for them to report on any relevant matter or ask/answer questions. Each person speaking will usually be limited to 3 minutes. Duration of this part of the meeting usually to be no longer than 15 minutes.
  2. To receive apologies for absence.
  3. Disclosure of interest in items on the agenda
  4. To receive, and in so far as is required, approve the minutes of the previous meeting held on the 9th July 2019 (copy previously circulated).
  5. To resolve for Chris Stoughton to be co-opted on to Dorney Parish Council
  6. Clerk’s Report
  7. Chairman’s Report
  8. Updates on the
  9. Update on the parking situation in Court Lane -Double yellow lines and roundabout
  10. Update on M4Smartmotorway works.
  11. Change of Boundary from Buckinghamshire to Berkshire – Response from the Local Government Boundary Commission. ‘Thank you for contacting the Local Government Boundary Commission. The issue you describe can only be resolved by what is called a Principal Area Boundary Review (PABR). It is the LGBCE’s policy to not conduct a PABR unless requested by all of the local authorities in question, however a request will not in itself guarantee that a review will take place. In undertaking reviews, we will need to be satisfied that any proposed change also meets our statutory and other criteria, and that the change has local support. I suggest that Dorney Parish Council gets in contact with electoral services at Bucks County Council about the possibility of requesting a review. We have some further guidance on PABRs on our website’.
    Just to add we have been informed there will probably be a Boundary Review with the introduction of the Unitary Authority so probably best wait until then (NB. No further comments from residents received and noted at the last meeting).
  12. To note the response made by Dorney Parish Council to the Chilterns and South Bucks Local Plan
  13. To respond to the Community Board Consultation (as previously circulated).
  14. To respond to the Emergency Plan as agreed (as previously circulated).
  15. Community Speedwatch scheme – Updates and to agree to pay to pay back £8.69 on a Sd Card
  16. Planning
    a. To note planning issues, decisions and appeals recently notified by South Bucks District Council)- (to be circulated).
    b. To consider and comment upon applications – (to be circulated).
  17. Finance
    a) To authorise payment of Accounts for August/September2019 (to be circulated).
    b) To receive list of income for August/September 2019 (to be circulated).
    c) To receive recent bank statements and Chairman to sign reconciliations.
    d) To receive the budget for 2019/20.
  18. Member’s Reports
  19. Correspondence- (i) Buckinghamshire Minerals and Waste Local Plan Adoption; (ii) Silver Sunday Small Grant Scheme – Launching Today; (iii) Community Emergency Plan Enquiry South Bucks Community Grants; (iv) M4 smart motorway project – weekend closure of the M4 Junctions 5 to 6, 27-30 September 2019
  20. Resolve any complaints/comments received from residents
  21. Maintenance and Highway employee/work.

Date of next meeting – 8pm on 8th October, 2019 at the Dorney Village Hall.

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