Mar 172020

Dorney Parish Council and Dorney School have worked together to purchase a Community Access Defibrillator which has been installed on the side of the Village Hall near the Playground tuck shop.

The case is locked – the keycode is C123X

The defibrillator will lead you through the steps to use it, should you need to. This is a link to a training video which we would urge everyone to view. In the future we will organise a training session, when it is possible to do so. We will also ensure that the keybox number is distributed to all. Please advise any neighbours who do not have access to the internet whilst we work on this. This information has been added to the Local Issues page of the website so that it is always available.

This is the training video:

The Parish Council would like to thank the school for providing 50% of the money and the Village Hall committee for providing the electricity.

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