May 272020

Please find below a list of contact details to use should there be further issues at the lake:

1. Police

If the problem is a parking obstruction or persistent anti social behaviour please call 101. If the road is blocked and an emergency vehicle would be unable to get through call 999. If possible make a note of the time of your call and send a note to the Dorney Parish Clerk to allow us to keep a record:

2. Dorney Lake

To email address of the lake is If you copy Keith Harris will also send the messages directly to Adam Clift, the manager of the site. The phone number is 01753 832756, however the website indicates this is not currently operating.

3. Eton College

It may be helpful to keep Eton College up to speed with issues. Again, send the note to and Keith will send the messages to the Bursar, Miss Janet Walker.

4. Buckinghamshire Council Highways

Buckinghamshire Council are responsible for ensuring the yellow lines are adhered to and any parking infringements. Councillor Nick Naylor is the Cabinet Member for Transport. His email address is

5. Buckinghamshire Council Members

The following email addresses are for the Council Members who have been involved in finding a resolution or have responsibility in some relevant areas. Please note that at the moment, our two current representatives Dev Dhillon and David Peplar were in place prior to the Unitary council coming into force. Both will be leaving the council. The new Unitary Council have not yet informed Dorney Parish Council who will be our ongoing representative (s), despite requests. We therefore have no choice but to include multiple council members: – Leader of Buckinghamshire Unitary Council. – current representative – leaving – current representative – leaving – Beeches community board – Cabinet member for Communities and Public Health

6. MP’s

Finally, the two local MP’s, Joy Morrissey ad Adam Afriyie are aware of the issues. – MP for Beaconsfield, our own MP. – MP for Windsor which covers Eton.

Please copy the Dorney Parish Clerk to allow us to keep a record:

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